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CDC Cries Foul on NEC’s Selective Reporting: Claims, Party Swept Bong, and Others But………

Liberia’s opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change, one of  the many parties that participated in the Tuesday elections is expressed their satisfaction and transparent manner in which the election was conducted but expresses concern on what the party believes is the selective reporting of the first provisional results announced earlier today.

The CDC spokesman, FLT/LT(rtd)  Gerald Smith appeared on ‘Voice of Gedeh’, a Liberian internet radio station from Monrovia  affirmed the earlier report announced by the National Election Commission and expresses his party’s reliability in the result announced thus far but has problem with the selective reporting of polling centers reflecting precincts where the Unity Party and President Sirleaf are performing well suppressing precincts where  the CDC is performing  tremendously well.

The CDC spokesman said from tally sheets received from their poll watchers signed by National Election Commission’s administrators at the precincts, his party swept the polls in Bong County,  the third largest vote-rich county and other counties.

Mr. Smith said the party is presently tallying their reports and will provide their account very soon to the public and press as soon they are done.

The Liberia Media Center, LMC which has stood out earlier as the center point for reporting the election results has turned out to do a dismal work, reporting fictitious report by over and under reporting polling centers for one party and a different figure for other parties from the same precinct.

This dismal reporting and gross incompetent work by the Liberia Media Center is very disappointing and unfortunate despite the immense support and funding from the European Union and other international  institutions and countries,  is a bad dividend on the investment made on the Liberia Media Center  and ‘The New Dispensation’  publicly regrets its involvement and apologizes to the public and  to you our loyal audience.

Henceforth, The New Dispensation will only report election results from the National Election Commission and unofficial reports from political parties.

Click link below for NEC’s provisional results:



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