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Death Threats: Former TRC Chairman, Jerome Verdier Says Prez. Sirleaf Wants to Kill Him



   Cllr Jerome J. Verdier


          October 8, 2011




1. Judge on the run:

I have learnt and reliably confirmed that Judge Blamo Dixon, Presiding Judge of the Criminal Court C at the Temple of Justice, has been ordered arrested and detained on orders of Her Honor Jamesetta Howard Wolokolie, Associate Justice In Chambers of the Supreme Court of Liberia because of his August ruling to surrender custody of my two minor children to me.

 The Supreme Court Justice is demanding that His Honor Blamo Dixon produces the children even though it is evident, that I, Cllr Verdier, took physical custody of my children in court in the presence of adversary lawyer and subsequently got them out of the country as I left.


2.  Murder Conspiracy-President and Wife

Before leaving the country, I had confided in several persons that my wife, Mawa Kamara, hailing from Bomi County, the same County as President Sirleaf, has been enlisted by the President, with grandeur promises, to report on my movements and eliminate me through poisoning and other subtle, untraceable, means including “juju”, black magic or by ritualistic means common in our traditional cultural setting indistinguishable from her people- and herself- as I have just come to learn. She has boasted of her connections with the President and her liaison with one of the president’s sons in my presence as well as in public to other people. She vowed to “destroy” me.

3. First Target-Jerome Jr.

Acting on confidential sources from within, I have declined to speak openly about these and repeated threats to my life so as to keep my personal life private, act with caution and not endanger or compromise sources. In the first instance the life of my elder son was in imminent danger of being sacrificed for ritualistic purposes and so I had to get him out of the country in such hurry that he missed his school graduation as president of Don Bosco High School in Monrovia. The plan was to kill him and by poisoning or other ritualistic means and blame his death on me.

 Charged with ritualistic murder, I would have been humiliated and jailed without bail and whilst in prison I will be at the mercy of the Executive Mansion or state authorities to do whatever they desire with me. Forewarned, I rushed my son, Jerome J Verdier, Jr. out of the country before their plan materialized. Mawa Kamara had travelled to Ghana on a trip financed by Government as part of the scheme and just as she was returning to effectuate the plan I was concluding arrangements for his travel abroad. As she returned to the country surreptitiously to effectuate the plan she sought him for four days, saw him just once, knew his location before showing up at home without disclosing that she had seen him.  His cover blown, he changed location and she didn’t get to see him again until he left from his hiding place to travel out of the country four days later unknown to her.

4. Poisoning Ingestion 

Mawa Kamara had earlier poisoned my food which knocked me off after eating and was rushed by her to and hospitalized at the JFK in 2010 for eleven days where doctors, without suspicion of poisoning ingestion, diagnosed me of having the highest stage of hypertension, which according to doctors was “incurable” and I will have to live with that malady “for the rest of my life”.  This was the symptom revealed by the poisoning as I have never before had any prior diagnosis of hypertension.  
That proved not to be the case when I was informed, again by confidential sources, that I had been poisoned with an ingestion that would kill me slowly if I do not undergo anti-poison treatment.  I underwent the anti-poison treatment and immediately thereafter, travelled to the United States in the latter part of 2010.

5. Sudden streak of Motor Accidents or…?

While in the USA in 2010 I had a tragic motor accident in which I was again unhurt but hospitalized briefly, examined with noticeable fluctuation in blood pressure but doctors cautioned the need for rest as I was not hypertensive. Doctors suggested, however, that I could continue with the prior JFK recommended pills for the limited duration (remaining ten days) of my trip before returning home if I wanted to continue traveling in the USA. I cancelled my visit to Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia, rested and continued with my last visit at Syracuse University.

Prior to the poisoning ingestion and the tragic motor accident in the USA, I had another tragic motor accident in 2009 apparently from “break failure” coming down Crown Hill on my way to a TRC public hearing at the Centennial Pavilion when the vehicle I was driving crushed into the concrete wall down the hill. The vehicle was damaged but again I survived unhurt. This was the first time my blood pressure ever fluctuated but the doctor in Monrovia who attended to me referred me to Firestone Hospital for additional diagnosis since he found no evidence of hypertension. At firestone no trace of hypertension was found. The attending physicians declined to administer any medication to me and advised me to rest. I rested well, the blood pressure normalized and prior to the poisoning I had no symptom of hypertension.

And since the poisoning treatment I am very well again and never taken any hypertension drugs or experienced any symptomatic effect for more than a year.

6. Ambush on the High way

At this stage I’d survived an accident, poisoning attack and avoided two ambushes. Mawah Kamara went up the high way to Cape Mount County and insisted that I should go and get her and the kids so that I can speak to her Aunt, Judge Amy Musu Jones, before she returns to Monrovia with the kids. On that occasion my driver was very nervous when I instructed him to come get me.  He explained with a “heavy heart” that the vehicle was followed throughout the journey until he lost them (eluded their surveillance) on the high way and he didn’t think it was save for me to venture on the high way, especially so, it was dark. I went anyway and returned without incident.

The second time, I avoided the ambush. The National Bar Association was having an enthusiastic quarterly assembly in Greenville, Sinoe County. Nearly all lawyers attended the Greenville Assembly at a distance more than five times the Cape Mount County journey from Monrovia. Mawa Kamara went out of her way to convince me to attend the assembly to “be with my fellow lawyers”. My hunch told me not to attend against her persuasion as a non lawyer. I did not attend and months later I was told by informed sources that my decision not to attend was “a life saver”.

7. Threats to Other TRC Commissioners-Government’s Indifference or complicity

Prior to this, two things happened: one Commissioner received death threats from a well placed official in Ellen’s Cabinet, ran out of the Country and filed for asylum. The second was reliable information received by two other former TRC Commissioners and myself from confidential sources that national state security elements had crafted a plan to target us in a cooked up public melee between April 12-15, 2010. The information was received differently, individually, but all pointing at the same objectives. The only action we took was to inform the US Embassy and the Ambassador made a round of calls including one to President Sirleaf as we were informed.

Government’s sole reaction was a ranting call from the Justice Minister to Commissioner Massa Washington decrying our action but offering no help.

With this background, it was clear to our/my antagonists that the strategy had to change to a more subtle, ridiculous scheme like poisoning and African ritualistic killings (the victim is infested, gets sick for a protracted period exhibiting diagnosable symptoms of a known disease but becomes incurable and die slowly) leaving no traces of state actions or complicity to murder. 

 8. The President’s Obsession with conspiracy

So the President, Ellen Sirleaf, assigned one of her sons to Mawa Kamara to craft and resource a plan for my elimination which included travelling to Ghana and commencing a love relationship with “the son of the president” as surety of government’s continued support to her and on Ellen’s part as guarantee she will never “spill the beans”. Both she and Ellen claim Bomi as their home County.
Armed with all this information I remained calm, focused and trusting GOD to protect me and my children. I watched my back and moved around cautiously, avoiding public places and gatherings as much as possible for the last six years, during and after the TRC.

9. Who to vote for-certainly not Ellen, warlords!

I watched Mawa Kamara’s movements and disposition closely, received information on her connections, meetings, etc constantly and adjusted accordingly till I left. I stopped discussing my plans with her and gave her counter information about my movements, while I quietly consummated plans to leave the country.

Many informants told me to leave the country or at worst not to be in the country during the elections. One eerily said “it’s no joke, they want to kill you; don’t change your plans-just leave!”. I kept these plans to my chest while I appeared in public to be very visible so that any plan of travelling will not appear as an immediate possibility. Diplomats had discussions with me and wanted to know my political plans (which candidate I will be voting for) and thoughts on the elections. I shared my candid thoughts freely with them, as with everyone else, and disclosed as much as saying I will not be voting because I had no favored candidate and that I prayed the Liberian people will not vote for

Ellen and others whose hands are stained with the innocent blood of our people. They is a publicly-held view of mine that is well documented. Voting them, I have expressed, will continue war time rivalry and prolong Liberia’s transition to recovery and durable peace; and because they are imbued with the mentality of war (cultivated for over a generation) which doesn’t go away easily or overnight.  

 10. Fear, Flight, Judge Blamo Dixon and Child Custody

So I confronted Mawa Kamara with their schemes, which was also confirmed to me by one of her relatives, and she expectedly denied it. Notwithstanding, her private and public utterances have contradicted her denials and confirmed she was not working alone but with the President and her son against me. I filed for divorce and left home.

I lived in virtual seclusion before leaving the country while they struggled to locate my residence. I filed for habeas corpus to obtain custody of my two minor children because their mother, Mawah Kamara, (who denied them access to me), was planning to travel out of the country without surrendering custody to me. Under the Domestic Relations Laws of Liberia, when a married couple is separated, custody of the minor children resides in the father. She hid the children from me and left the country without my knowledge or information so I had to employ court process to get the children out of hiding. I called one of her elder sisters to inquire and the sister intimated that she asked her about the children now that she was travelling and she Mawa Kamara told her the children were “government property”. Instantly I sensed the danger to these children and went out investigating her plans, found out their hiding place and proceeded to court.

Judge Blamo Dixon issued the writ, the children were present in court and he turned them over to me-physically-in the presence of Mawah Kamara’s lawyers. Subsequently, I got the children out of the country as I left. 

 11. Harassment, coercion, thuggery and judicial suppression

She, with support from the President and the President’s son, has resulted to thuggery. Harassing and jailing a judge in the proper exercise of legal discretion founded in the law is against the principles of the rule of law and judicial independence of judges to exercise their authority without fear or favor based on the law. Not only is the judge targeted for harassment, 
humiliation but his wife and children have also been harassed -but in the words of my informant in Monrovia- “tortured!”

Also, people close to me including a nephew of mine Alvin Verdier is sought after and for which reason he seldom answers his phone. He was in our home when I was there and a witnessed to the deeds of Mawah Kamara including the butcher knife that was discovered in the bed room. All the lawyers who have represented in court have also been threatened with incarceration and are on the run, in hiding or by now in custody.

Also, the mother of my younger daughter, Hawa Massaquoi, is a target for assaults and arrest. She has been threatened several times with arrest and continuous judicial oppression and irregularities, first from the Magisterial Court in Paynesville and now the Supreme Court, beckoning to the vile threats of Mawah Kamara, no doubts with instructions from the Executive Mansion based on acrimonious allegations from her that they assisted me escape their dragnet. They want to capture Ms. Massaquoi and my younger daughter in the mistaken belief that by capturing them I will be compelled to return home or harm them to spite me-the very reasons I could not have left the other two children behind.  I use the term capture, not arrest, because judicial processes are being illegally employed-
for example a purported search warrant to find the kids surrendered to me by the Judge was used -to ransack the home of Ms Massaquoi who is hiding for fear for her life and that of the little child. The Judge managed to escape arrest and along with others, now lives in fear for his life and family members. ALLARMINGLY STRANGE, BUT YET IT IS HAPPENING.

12. A Litany of Bad Experiences-abuses!

I have had a checkered experience of consistent threats to my life and livelihood in recent times but chose to remain silent because I believe my life is not more important than the lives of thousand others who died innocently during the crisis and exposure of such nature will invariably cause apprehension in thousands of victims who confided in us (the TRC) their life stories of bitter war experiences. I was propelled to issue this release within the context of these current occurrences, especially the mistreatment of Judge Blamo Dixon who has no relations to me, and neither him nor anyone else deserve to suffer at the hands of an evil system for performing his duties and exercising judgment in keeping with law or for being close to me.

 13. Subtle threats via mobile phones and physical attacks

Apart from subtle threats over mobile phone from high personalities in government and text messages from unknown persons, mostly reported to UNMIL, two armed men on motor bikes visited my Sinkor 18th Street Office in early 2010, pretending to be fellow community dwellers, insisting on seeing me without an appointment under the guise of having important information for me. They were denied access to see me and a commotion ensued; fleeing the scene they were noticed by security and office staff to be bearing arms under their jackets as they hurriedly embarked on the waiting auto machine whose engine was left on.

14. Arson attack and terrorism   

On yet another occasion, when I returned from my visit to the US at the end of 2010, I was informed (and it was reported in the local media) that the private residence of the Executive Director of the Family Planning Association (FPAL) whose building houses the offices of Verdier and Associates was burned down when she was asleep with her little daughter and a visiting guest, mistakenly apparently to be Cllr Verdier who did not arrive in the country as scheduled and had to extend his visit due to unscheduled engagement and the motor accident referred to earlier. The psychology of the perpetrators in
making that link to me remains unclear but the effect was devastating and the lady could have lost her life for nothing.

Confidential sources informed me that during investigation the lady was threatened and informed that I was the reason for the arson attack on her home.  Out of fear for her life and to protect the interest of the institution, FPAL have severed the over six year’s relationship with me and served Verdier and Associates notice in July 2011 terminating both the legal retainer and the lease agreement.

15. Treason Charges

Yet still, in 2011 I and an associate counsel, Cllr Cyrenius Cephas, filed a petition in court on behalf of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) in a matter questioning the constitutionality of the ill-fated and so-called constitutional referendum and the legality of the constitution of the seven (7) members National Elections Commission (NEC). I received reliable information that I will be charged with treason and should leave the country as soon as possible. My associate, Cllr Cephas reported to me that he received some vague threats via his mobile phone. I admonished him to ignore it as mere “scare tactics”. Surprisingly both the Elections Commission and the Ministry of Justice in their responsive pleadings charged that the petition was treasonable and the MPC be charged with treason. Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her Independence Day address threatened, in similar language used in the responsive pleading of the Ministry of Justice and NEC, to deal   with anyone who is taking the current level of freedom for granted to jeopardize the electoral process. Her statement was after the Chairman of the NEC made a public statement that the court action by the MPC threatens the timely holding of the elections and could disrupt it.

16. Another Highway Ambush

In another recent incident just before my departure, I agreed to the request of Mr. Albert Bropleh (charged with corruption) to represent him on a pro bono basis because his former attorneys had not the capacity to continue his representation. Just as I agreed to represent Mr. Bropleh he was brutally arrested, humiliated, disgraced and detained outside Monrovia in Bomi, the President’s adopted Home County, notwithstanding he had a bail bond. The terms of the agreement was to represent him to the extent that his right to bail was guaranteed and not on the merits of the case as I once served as legal advisor to GAC which made findings for the prosecution. To deny him redress, the Assigned Judge abandoned or better said, absconded from his jurisdiction for nearly two weeks and after much delay, a replacement Judge was at the last minute appointed who was, at the time of his appointment, visiting South Africa. Meaning that Mr. Bropleh had no access to a judge in the jurisdiction in which he was detained for more than a month in violation of his rights to bail. As was customary I should have visited my client for a confidential discussion of this case but, regrettably, I could not.

I received a tipoff not to venture on the high way to visit my client in Bomi “if I care for my life”. On account of this I informed Mr. Bropleh that I will not be visiting him because of security fears. Twice, family members of Mr. Bropleh driving on the high way to see him were halted, harassed, insulted and threatened only to let go for no other reason that I was not onboard.

Before leaving I had informally requested of US Embassy and UNMIL officials seeking information on the Bropleh case, to accompany me to visit him in Bomi County because of security fears for my personal safety but for different reasons they both said it was not possible. And I didn’t get to see him prior to my departure. He was unfairly and inhumanely, and unjustifiably treated to desperately showcase the President’s so-called fight against corruption amidst charges of unbridled corruption ahead of elections she is dying to win at all cost including violating the constitution and impunity.

17. No job for “enemy malcontents”

I sought engagement with the General Auditing Commission (GAC) for a well advertised vacancy of Legal Advisor under the World Bank, Ministry of Finance (MoF) and GAC “EGRIP PROJECT”. The MoF manages the fund and is a disbursement signatory.  It was a competitive opening-I sat interview with several other interested candidates and succeeded atop. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called the than Auditor General, John Morlu (not surprisingly) and told him not to hire me. Morlu replied that I was entitled to employment as a Liberian. Besides, he could not do otherwise because I won a competitive recruitment process.

I was engaged as an independent professional for one year but never got paid. I received remuneration for the first month only, from the MoF and then Ellen and her people at the MoF decided no more. I worked diligently without complaints for more than nine months rendering services without pay until the GAC itself was very embarrassed and told me to discontinue until “some administrative bottlenecks can be sorted out”-that was never to be. I knew what was happening, I just didn’t talk because I supported and believed in the work of the GAC as a public service value to the nation. To date I have not been paid and the Government of Liberia through the GAC is indebted to me for eleven (11) months of unpaid remunerations for professional services rendered a vital institution as the GAC. I wrote President Ellen Sirleaf informing her-and pretending to be unaware of her complicity- craving her intervention. Her response, through her Minister of State was simple and cute- GAC controls its own budget and so GAC should pay you.

I needless mention how clientele under threatening environment as this can be difficult to maintain. I strived, GOD been my helper, I survived!

18. Job offer: Be my Associate Justice-no thanks!

This provided them the perfect platform, believing I was desperate as their informant Mawah Kamara made them to believe. They made me an offer “he cannot refuse”-I refused, and said “no thanks!” Joining the government, they reasoned, would bring me in the fore of things as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, which will serve their nefarious purposes. Whether their intentions were good or not, didn’t matter to me. I got the tipoff that the offer was going to be made; the President called on the Vice President and told him to do it. He authorized a senior staffer in his office to approach me, he did and I said no, I was not interested. He felt it was worth thinking about – I said no way and refused it out rightly.

I kept this quiet with disinterest until the New Democrat Newspaper called me to say they have heard an offer was made to me and wanted to know if it was true and whether I accepted the offer. I didn’t tell Mawah Kamara of the offer or that I knew what they were planning or that I rejected it. By then I was keeping my private counsel. Her disappointment at the newspaper story was physically evident (and she wanted to know why I didn’t tell her) as it undermined her standing before her coconspirators as the feeder mole. Obviously, everything else had failed it was time for the big bang-Ghana! Mission: to consult with sorcerers of black magic and witches in the sub region to procure the coup de grass and result to ritualistic killings. The Ghana trip was disguised as a trip to Italy to attend a “nurses’ conference”.

19. Persecution for Public Service Performed as Chairman of the TRC of Liberia

All of this and many more point to a consistent campaign of threats, intimidation, attempted murder and persecution by powerful forces in concert with Mawah Kamara who want to bring me down for no valid reason or anything I have done wrong, except speaking forthrightly, truthfully and working honestly as Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation of Liberia (TRC) which final report dared to name powerful people including President Sirleaf as those most accountable for their past complicity in the death of thousands and the destruction of Liberia through 14 years of war, mayhem and destruction.

Nothing can be more dastardly than arbitrarily jailing a sitting judge in the common prison for exercising his judicial discretion, which is reviewable, in a manner consistent with law-jungle justice?

After a protracted period of illness, diagnosed as diabetes and before his death, the late Justice Ishmael P. Campbell sent me a chilling message to be very careful with Ellen. Prior to and during his illness (diabetes) I had no contact with him whatsoever – very minimum, if any. The message was delivered by a very prominent politician who told me that after the 2005 Elections, Ellen told Justice Campbell that because he supported the opposition CDC, and refused to support her, “he will not live to see the next election”. Campbell believed he was poisoned by a female (name withheld) so I should be very careful.

I therefore call on all Liberians including the international community to rally to the cause of defending and protecting the rights and safety of those concerned in Liberia. No one can be held responsible for my actions as I have done no wrong and committed no crime for which others should be persecuted. The President has been cashing in the enormous support of the international community to commit “bloody murder” in Liberia with impunity, hoping the world community will turn a blind eye. It’s time to scream aloud and unveil the façade.

Am calling on the United National Mission (UNMIL) to secure the safety, protection and rights of the Judge, Lawyers, Hawa Massaquoi and the child who are been persecuted on account of my deeds, work and legal actions. 



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  1. I have never thought that such a thing will ever take place in present day Liberia. However,if this perfectly placed story, is not politically motivated,the world at large should think there is a serious human right abuses that is going on in Liberia, while the international community is turning a blind eye on.
    What makes me to question this allegation against the government of Liberia is the timing of this.
    That mean, there is an election, which appears to be in it second face.Does this damaging allegation meant to steal vote from the ruling party of Johnson- Sirleaf(Unity Party.)?


  2. I’d have to verify with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I get pleasure from studying a put up that can make folks think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to comment!


  3. Ellen Has no reason for arresting my Uncle, our ‘NOBEL PEACE PRIZE’ Winner will be exposed for who she really is! And to think that for 5 years this woman had my 10000% Suppport! So disappointed!!! You were suppose to be different Ellen!


  4. I’d should verify with you here. Which is not one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a publication that will make folks think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to comment!



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