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NEC Busted: Plot to Fraudulently Declare Prez Sirleaf Winner of the Elections Unraveld

Sources close to the nerve of the National Election commission  have confided in this institution  that a plot to fraudulently declare President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf winner of Tuesday election this afternoon or during the course of the weekend.

The plot according to our sources, will declare President Sirleaf winner today or during the weekend though the commission would not be in possession of 50% of precincts, indicating the Unity Party standard bearer has won 60% of the votes. 

Our sources emphasized that the first provisional results announced by the election commission which put President Sirleaf ahead was a psychological stunt to temper with the psychics of the Liberian people, creating the impression  President Sirleaf winner of the elections so when the commission finally announces  its second provisional results today or during the course of the weekend, the Liberian people will  believe the results and NEC’s declaration will give President Sirleaf 60% of the votes.


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  1. I don’t know who own this website, but most of your articles here are bunch of lies with criminal intent to stir up conflicts or chaos here. These are mischevious allegations and need to stop!!!! How could the NEC declare the UP with 60% of the votes when in fact the overall centers represented a little over 70% after the first provisional results??? Where’s the mathematics????

    Please not to exploit the naiviety of the unconsciousness majority by your inflammatory crabs!!!


  2. The plot seems highly impossible to me. I think every well meaning Liberian will be glad to get a clearer understanding of how possible that scheme will be.

    I am an accountant by profession and been in the audit practices for over ten years now. My own assessment of What Could Go Wrong (WCGW) as well as the risk or possibility of fraud cannot take into consideration the scenario you mentioned.



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