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Liberia Opposition Parties Pull Out: To Announce Their Own Results

Courtesy: AP
Liberia opposition calls poll ‘flawed,’ pulls out

By JONATHAN PAYE-LAYLEH, Associated Press –

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — A group of Liberian opposition parties said Saturday they are pulling out after a recent presidential poll and won’t accept the results over allegations that the electoral commission skewed vote-counting in favor of the president.

Saturday’s statement was signed by eight parties, including those of second-place challenger Winston Tubman and third-place contender Prince Johnson. The latest partial results gave President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a narrow lead in the race.

“We wish to notify the Liberian people of the massive fraud being carried out by the National Elections Commission in the handling and reporting of the presidential election results in favor of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Unity Party,” the statement said.

The parties said they could offer photographs and witnesses to back their claims. They also called for a Sunday rally but did not specify a time or place.

“We direct all our party agents assigned at (the electoral commission) in all capacities to withdraw effective immediately,” the statement read. “If the process continues we will not accept the results.”

Electoral commission spokesman Bobby Livingstone did not immediately address the charges.

“The commission is going to come up with a position on this later,” he said. “There may be some legal implications.”

Wilmot Paye, the secretary-general of the ruling Unity Party, said the party was not surprised by the allegations.

“What they have done today is something that we had anticipated,” he said. “They are doing this thing because it is not going their way. That’s why they want to create chaos.”

Also on Saturday, Liberian police said an office occupied by the ruling party burned down overnight Friday.

Police spokesman George Bardue says police are pursuing suspects but have made no arrests.

Counting is ongoing. Sirleaf led late Friday with 45.4 percent of the vote, falling short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff, according to partial results.

The Harvard-educated Sirleaf, who was Africa’s first democratically elected female president, faced 15 challengers. She is viewed abroad as a reformer and was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for her role in stabilizing Liberia after a 14-year civil war.

The results had been tallied from 2,242 polling stations representing more than half of the nation’s 4,457 voting centers. While Sirleaf led with 265,883 votes, the party of Tubman and soccer star George Weah trailed with 172,681 votes, or 29.5 percent. Johnson came in third in the race with 66,419 votes, or 11.4 percent, and said he is looking forward to playing the role of kingmaker.


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  1. I must say your weblog is outstanding! I’ll undoubtedly arrive again again!


  2. Great review! You actually covered some great news in your post. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, will be following you on my iphone 🙂


  3. Why opposition want to protest, because they do not offer us any platform, recommendation, any way forward for the Liberian people. I am sorry you have to go sleep or rest.

    We will continue to vote you guys out until you properly organized your political party.


  4. Alhaji V. kromah student posc UL.

    We will not gave any attention to people who want to bring another problem to the young people of Liberia, who are trying to build their lives. please take note that their children will have to come from America to protest their so call result as they claimed. young pleople, please say no to violence, killers, problem marker. Guest what, you are now in school, university, opportunity for job, life is moving on now.

    Those opposition want power by all means, but i am very sure they want to use us as youth for their selfish gain. please tell them to take their children from all the great university to attend the university of Liberia first be for you protest for them.

    Long live Liberia.


  5. Pls Mr Formayan we beg u in the name of God be transparent and gave the Liberian people what they want if Mr Tubman win pls gave him a run of his money and let enjoy the peace and stability we just saw what happen in zambia the president acceted defeat madame sirlef if u lose to Mr Tubman pls congratulate him and the CDC and walk away if u truly love Liberia as a Noble Peace Prize winner.


  6. It does not require a Harvard degree to appreciate the opposition’s stand here. The NEC has shown all along that they would rather die and go to hell than preside over the defeat and ouster of Queen Ellen the Corrupt. Their obvious strategy now is to simply crown her with a first round victory outright (by a narrow margin of course).
    With everyone coalescing against Sirleaf and with the whole world watching, it would become much more difficult and risky for the NEC to cheat in her favor in a second round.

    Well, the chickens may be coming home to roost, following Sirleaf’s decision, taken for personal gain and with impunity, to violate the Constitution and laws of the Republic before the elections. God bless our country.


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