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Opposition Surges: NEC’s 3rd Provisional Results Released



SATURDAY, October 15, 2011

Fellow Citizens of Liberia, ladies and gentlemen of the Press:

National Elections Commission wishes to state that any party or candidate that has qualm or reservation about last Tuesday’s polls, should channel their grievance(s) through the complaints process.

All complaints received are being dealt with carefully and responsibly. Investigations on 12 cases are being carried out and ballot boxes from 4 polling places that have allegations of irregularities have been quarantined so far. The process to hear witnesses has started. Recounts are currently ongoing at the Montserrado Tally Centre.

Party and Candidate agents have a duty to observe and scrutinize all these processes and address their grievances through the complaints process. NEC emphasizes once more that through the legal channels and complaints process all the errors will be corrected and the vote will be safeguarded.

Political Parties possess carbon copies of each Record of the Count form which was distributed to the 2 leading candidate agents at polling places immediately after the counting. They also possess one copy of record of count distributed to them during the Tally process. Therefore, Political Parties can cross-check the results of each polling place displayed on the 2011 election results web-site with the carbon copies they obtained on the polling day or after the results were tallied.

NEC is confident that no political party will be able to provide a single copy of the record of count form, which will contradict the data provided on the Preliminary Progressive Results. In cases such discrepancies are found, NEC encourages all political parties and candidates to lodge formal complaints to the NEC and all of these cases will be immediately investigated and any error will becorrected.

That being said, as promised yesterday, the Commission has come to update the Liberian people on the latest results of the 2011 Legislative and Presidential elections. On yesterday, you were informed that 2,242 out of the 4,457 polling places nationwide which represented 50.3% had reported.

In continuation of the announcement of progressive results of the elections, I shall now proceed with the latest results as have been tallied and collated at the tally center.


We are pleased to report that results from 3,567 polling places have been received and processed at the tally center. The recorded turn out for polling places which have reported stands at 71.1 %.

Please note that in the interest of time, the Commission will only give out results for parties or candidates that have attained 5% or above of the valid votes counted.

That being said, here now are the latest results for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections from the tally center.

For same reasons indicated above, the Commission will only announce the Senate and House of Representatives results for the first three candidates in the lead, while for the House of Representatives, the NEC will read out the results for the first two candidates at the top.

NEC wishes to inform the media and observers that detailed results arranged in a county by county format for the three elections are uploaded at the NEC website at the following link: www.necliberia.org/results2011.

Journalists are also urged to make use of the NEC Media Center to follow the developments via the internet. These results will be updated on the NEC Website daily by 7pm.

I thank you for your attention

Click to download this entire document

20111015_NationalProgressiveResultsHandouts.pdf.PDF – 2201kb




Bomi 83 45 64.8%
Bong 417 3 99.3%
Grand Bassa 291 45 86.6%
Grand Cape Mount 145 1 99.3%
Grand Gedeh 129 2 98.5%
Grand Kru 76 – 100.0%
Lofa 349 29 92.3%
Margibi 296 9 97.0%
Maryland 77 56 57.9%
Montserrado 883 594 59.8%
Nimba 467 99 82.5%
Rivercess 78 – 100.0%
Sinoe 99 7 93.4%
River Gee 72 – 100.0%
Gbarpolu 105 – 100.0%
National 3,567 890 80.0%
National: 3,567 of 4,457 (80.03%) polling places


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