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Ex-Warlord’s Ordered to Recant Endorsement: Prince Johnson Support for Prez Sirleaf Backfires, NUDP Executives Give 48 Hours Ultimatum Or Else………

Just as the  Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  was getting set to cruise to victory in the runoff in the West African nation of Liberia in the runoff  election on November 8th when ex-warlord Prince Johnson who came third in the election last Tuesday election endorsed incumbent President Sirleaf , less than two days, everything seems to be falling apart.

The ex-warlord was among the 16 candidates who participated in last Tuesday elections under the umbrella of the National Union for Democratic Progress, NUDP but since his public pronouncement that he supports President Sirleaf in the runoff, lot is evolving including reports that the NUDP standard bearer was bought over for the sum of $25 million do to endorse the President.

Today’s pronouncement by the Executive  Committee of the  NUDP that the decision to endorse the Unity Party and President Sirleaf declared by their standard bearer was  unilateral  and does not in any represent the party , is a dent in the momentum of the Unity Party and calls on the Senator to recant his statement of  endorsement is a dent the momentum of the Unity Party gathered from  the endorsement of Prince Johnson. The party executives has directed their standard bearer  to appear before the  Executive Committee  and the party within 48 hours (on October 20, 2011) to show reason why he unilaterally endorsed the Unity Party and standard bearer, President Sirleaf without the consultation and consent of the party. The NUDP standard bearer has been further directed by the party that he desist from any form of activity or action in the name of the party until further notice  after meeting with executives and the party.

Hours after the ex-warlord declare his support for President Sirleaf it was reported that the Senator endorsement was unilateral and his party officials were not informed and less 24 hours after that publication, the Executive Committee and the NUDP are cementing that report.

A prominent supporter said the NUDP standard bearer betrayed and disrespected  his supporters by deceiving them after he had promised them that he was headed for Nimba to consult with local chiefs to help him decide who to  support in the runoff but only to their surprise, they heard through the media with shock that their standard bearer had endorsed President Sirleaf though he had yet to meet the local chiefs of Nimba and held consultation with the party.

It is believed that the NUDP  standard bearer decision to endorse President Sirleaf  in the runoff on the backdrop that if he had endorsed Cllr. Winston Tubman of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change, the second place-finisher going to the runoff with President Sirleaf, he fear he could be prosecuted for war crime for his role in the Liberian civil war, an ex-general  who killed the late President Doe during the civil war if the CDC standard bearer won the election because Cllr Tubman has publicly committed himself to implementing the the TRC recommendations.

The NUDP standard bearer and president Sirleaf are among some of those named in the TRC report recommended for prosecution and are  barred from office respectively for their role in the country 14 year civil.


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