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Nimba Citizens in the Diaspora Decry Ex-Warlord’s Endorsement of Prez Sirleaf in Run-off

           Jacob D. Massaquoi,II
          Honorable  Prince Y. Johnson
          Senior  Senator
          Nimba County
          Presidential Candidate
CC:  Fellow Liberians and sons and daughters of Nimba:
Dear Honorable Johnson:
I bring  you greetings in the name of   Honorable Jackson F. Doe, Honorable Steven Daniels, Honorable David Dwanyan, Judge Louise Bellay, General Cooper Teah, General Thomas G. Quawonkpa, Honorable Samuel Dokie,  and other  distinguished  men and women of  Nimba  and Liberia who were brutally murdered in cold blood at  the evil hands of  Madam  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  brainchild NPFL I and II in her dogged pursuit of the Liberian  presidency.
While many of   our leaders were being murdered by their own children under the command of  Ellen’s NPFL,  she and her elite class members  were abroad living in luxury. They being the assassin’s hands and our children and our manipulated senior brothers and parents only as the assassin’s dagger.  At the end of the war, we Nimbians and  downtrodden Liberian masses  were regarded as fools  for killing our own leaders. That tragic memory continues to haunt us incessantly. Yes indeed,  this behavior  was  horribly shameful and  disgraceful beyond human comprehension. Nimbians  had to deal with the embarrassment for a long period even up to now, some Liberians still  regard  Nimbians as  stupid people who  killed  their  own  leaders.   Did the NPFL kill any immediate relative of Madam Sirleaf and her cohorts?
During the war, did  our Krahn brothers kill their own? Madam Sirleaf and few self-centered Nimbians think  the entire people of Nimba are foolish enough to fall prey to  their questionable act this time around.  During the 2005 elections. Ellen’s UP  crafted malicious lies against  Liberia’s  most Celebrated Football Star, HE. George O. Weah,   asserting  George had married to the late President Doe’s daughter and that the late General Charles Julu would become his Minister of Defense should he be elected.  The people of Nimba panicked.   Many voters in Nimba  bought  the  lies and voted  Ellen over George. The man who brought pride to Liberia when Madame President Ellen Sirleaf and her clique had diminished our national image to its lowest level through her war was rejected in order to accommodate  Mrs. Sirleaf.
The most disgusting aspects of this evil “divide and conquer scheme” is the use of our own native brothers and sisters against another native citizen. Despite all of George Weah’s accomplishments and what he has done  for Liberia, Nimbians in general disowned him and overwhelmingly voted  for someone who in fact masterminded the death of  our  most capable leaders, women, children, and the elderly.  We got to stop this. We got to wake up and think or else we will be holding the empty bag once again. The case of President Doe, Mr. Senator you told the press that you were fooled by  Satan to have tortured Doe to death?  If  your logic is true then, why should you be afraid of people from the south east?
Mr. Senator,  as a fellow Nimbian, no amount of  money  can restore  the pride and dignity of Nimba and Liberia as a whole but  to deny  Madam Sirleaf’s  second term and help  elect someone who  has  clean hands.  There are many times in life that one is caught between a rock and a hard place but look to the wind and see that change from the status quo, no matter how comfortable, requires fanatical determination, pride and sacrifice for all your people.
It is my humble opinion that people with clean hands  have the moral authority to  seek pardon  for  offenders and not the chief architect.   Honorable, with all due respect,  you    have egregiously erred  by suggesting that “ President  Sirleaf  is the lesser of two evils.”   Have you forgotten  all the  charges  of corruption, manipulation, nepotism, and mismanagement   brought against President Sirleaf  during your campaign  less than a week ago?   Is it only today  she is the lesser of two evils?   Is this   the Honorable Senator and Presidential candidate PYJ or  another Satan speaking  through him?  Please tell us because the people of Nimba  have been  abused by few selfish individuals for far  too long. Often mischievous mindset like President Sirleaf’s  have consistently used influential people from Nimba against  the general interests of Nimba and Liberia as a Nation. The case of Taylor  and Ellen’s NPFL a classic example.
We know  you  have been  under enormous pressure to support President Sirleaf   in addition to   your concerns  about  war  crime court and possible prosecution. But  be not deceived  that  the  same Ellen whom you  have pledged   loyalty  to  today  in exchange for immediate  millions  and  exoneration  from the TRC and UN travel band list will dumped you as she did Taylor who is now sitting in prison. You can render your own judgment but I only wish to remind you that whatever we do, history always remains an important guide for all humans.  You may be her Madame Sirleaf’s perceived best friend but be reminded that  as we now know, she is highly vindictive and  is all too willing and glad to  “throw you to the wolves” when it is expedient to do so.  You, Kromah and others are not immune moreso once she is  reelected because she would have nothing to lose.  If you doubt me, ask Charles  Taylor and Tom Woewiyu they have had their share of  experience.
Recall that   during the  runoff  campaign between CDC and UP in 2005, Madam Sirleaf allegedly made a deal with NPP to delivery Nimba and Bong Counties in  exchange for protecting Taylor and undermining any attempt to seek redress against perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.   She betrayed  NPP and turned over Taylor  to the Hague to be prosecuted and today, Taylor is sitting  a cage awaiting his fate . In the   case of  Tom Woewiyu ,  upon  taken  office in 2006, President Sirleaf  government   falsely accused  Tom Woewiyu of  plotting coup against  the  government and  was subsequently arrested  without  due process  and imprisoned  as a way of payback?   If you doubted me and others wait and see what awaits you, Senior Brother.  How tragic will it be for us to then say we told you so?  Remember  you broke away from  Ellen and Taylor’s NPFL  purportedly  because of   mischief and thereby prolonging  her  ambition to become President?  Despite the mistakes you and others made,  there is still room for  redemption and only those with clean hands can help you and your colleagues for the greater sake and good of Liberia.
Honorable Senator, today you may consider yourself as kingmaker  but be reminded that  you do not speak for all Nimba citizens. It is my fervent hope that you will use the millions Ellen allegedly give you to vigorously campaign  to ensure her  defeat in Nimba. By doing so  you would have liberated  yourself , Nimba and mama Liberia from the dark days of war and finally open a new chapter  in the political dispensation of Liberia.
Neither President  Ellen  Johnson Sirleaf or anyone else can remove  you and others from the UN travel band list or  the TRC list of worst perpetrators. But based on  the merit of your conduct, perhaps  victims’ rights groups  might  possibly campaign for  mercy but the notion that once Ellen is reelected she would remove  you and others  names from the  TRC  and UN travel band list  is a fallacy. Remember, Justice is patient. Forgiveness is from the hands of the aggrieved, not from a war mastermind, no matter how ultra-connected she may seem to be.
We will not rest until justice  is served in our beloved country!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She may make the life of so many Liberians so utterly unbearable but we know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  cannot eliminate us all. That is one assurance that we have the utmost confidence in. Time and again, history has proven this out. The idea  of justice in Liberia will live long  beyond our own existence. With God above, the truth shall prevail and Liberia shall one day be free from this perennial bondage and predicament we find ourselves in.
Wish you the very best of good fortune.
Long live  Liberia!!!
Long Live Nimba !!!
          Jacob D. Massaquoi,II
          Diaspora Nimba Citizens  Against the Reelection of President Sirleaf
         Approved:  Executive Committee

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  1. Good write up, Mr. Massaquoi. May God bless you and all the people of Nimba County and Liberia who share the same views as yours.

    Joe “Shakespeare” Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.
    Download: eType1.com/f.php?FMIcG5


  2. What an objective and powerfully wise advice for Prince Johnson in particular and all the people of Nimba; actually not necessarily from this writer, who, indeed, must have been inspired by the spirits of those departed great sons of Nimba…..Jackson Fiah Doe, David Dwayen, Stephen Daniels, Patrick Biddle, Thomas G. Quiwonkpa, and others including Samuel Dokie and family…all of whom still frown at the heartlessness, vainess, and selfishness of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who believes she has the capacity to use Nimba and the people of Nimba to her greedy power-seeking and hypocritical ends!!!



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