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Liberia Counties Ripped off: Where Did All the Money Go?

Monrovia–  The Liberian government and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf made much of its Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) show of its ingenuity and commitment to transform Liberia taking its suffering people out of poverty. A road trip to acquaint Liberians in the United the Liberian holy grill (PRS)  took a strong Liberian government delegation to the United States touring states with concentrated Liberian population.
After years of the Liberian government much revered Poverty Reduction Strategy program, this outlet has stumbled across  budgetary allocation for the 15 counties of Liberia. Striking revelation of  the county budgetary allocation is the huge allotment to counties does not translate into programs and development those allotments were set aside for.
Below is the full budgetary allocation for the various counties from 2008 to 2011. Notable of all is the allocation for Grand Kru County is believed to be one of the least developed counties in the country  has consistently received the biggest allocation with worst  deterioration  of their  roads and infrastructure  such that the county is inaccessible in some areas, cut off from civilization.  The question appropriately deserve answering is “WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO?
Liberian Government County Administration Budget – Ministry of Internal Affairs
The County Sub-programs provide resources and support to the offices of county superintendents and the county development programs in the 15 administrative sub-divisions of Liberia. Superintendents’ offices facilitate the work of other line ministries and development partners and manage the affairs of the county and coordinate development.
1. Oversaw government administration at sub-national level and ensured that qualified staff are installed in executive positions;
2. Facilitated Conflict resolution in Maryland, Bong, Nimba and Montserrado Counties over land disputes.
1. Construct ten Superintendents’ residences in ten counties (Bomi, Bong, Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Margibi, Maryland, River-Cess and Sinoe);
2. Improve coordination of development projects and interventions of line ministries and development partners through stronger executive management and country level PRS committee mechanism;
3. Rehabilitate primary and secondary road networks;
4. Strengthen the monitoring/evaluation of County Development Agenda (CDA);
5. Provide Scholarships to needy students throughout the Counties.
1. The County Development Agendas provide county-specified development objectives aligned with priorities identified in the PRS (Particularly road, education and health priorities identified in Chapter 9).
2. Continued mobilization and involvement of communities and citizens is consistent with Government’s support for civil society in Chapter 8 Agriculture improvement, Chapter 7) will be central to economic development in the counties.
Code               Sub Program                    2008-2009  Budget       2009-2010 Recommended
5-1-05-06-01   Bomi County                           272,491                                   328,204
5-1-05-06-02   Bong County                           314,915                                   384,526
5-1-05-06-03   Gbarpolu County                    295,614                                   360,128
5-1-05-06-04   Grand Bassa County              305,205                                   345,538
5-1-05-06-05   Grand Cape Mount County    251,015                                  305,067
5-1-05-06-06   Grand Gedeh County             328,593                                   403,779
5-1-05-06-07   Grand Kru County                  617,604                                   734,775
5-1-05-06-08   Lofa County                            250,826                                   271,510
5-1-05-06-09   Margibi County                       255,243                                   309,118
5-1-05-06-10   Maryland County                    446,571                                   518,517
5-1-05-06-11   Montserrado County               304,073                                   341,691
5-1-05-06-12   Nimba County                         461,390                                   546,699
5-1-05-06-13   River-Cess County                 303,512                                   372,570
5-1-05-06-14   River-Gee County                  324,052                                   363,788
5-1-05-06-15   Sinoe County                          619,346                                   740,129



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