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Liberia: Tubman Returns From Talks in Nigeria, Line Drawn in the Sand, Party Will Boycott Tuesday Run-off: Fromoyan Arrives in the United States

Monrovia-The Standard Bearer of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change, CDC  Cllr. Winston Tubman has returns  from Nigeria  today where he was invited by that West African nation President, Goodluck Johnathan for talks to find an amicable resolution of his party run-off  boycott threat.

Cllr. Winston Tubman

Details of Cllr. Tubman from the  meeting is yet to be released but from Cllr. Tubman reiteration that his party will boycott the polls next Tuesday means the legitimacy of the run-off and the government emanating from an election where president Sirleaf is the only candidate contesting, leaves Liberia democracy hanging in the balance.

Pundits conclude that considering the insistence  by the opposition to boycott  next Tuesday run-off  they don’t see how the Liberian government, ECOWAS, and the international community will ignore  and refused to address the complaints and pre-conditions demanded  by Cllr Tubman and his party but go ahead with the run-off next Tuesday, especially when the election commission has proven inept and dyfunctional, crown when those demands were never looked into or addressed.

Some Liberians spoken to said if the run-off election goes ahead with President Sirleaf the only candidate, her government will lack legitimacy and she will have no mandate to govern, inheriting a divided nations which will compromise her effectiveness and render her government ungovernable.

In  wake of the confusion brought about by the former chairman of the National Commission of Liberia, who is now being cartoonized  for his incompetence and  the predicated on the  deli ma  he plunged Liberia into, the former Liberia election chief arrived in the United States yesterday a week en route from Ghana where  he fled after resigning as chairman of the National Election Commission of Liberia. Mr. Fromoyan was forced to resign after the opposition Congress for Democratic Change insisted he step down or be removed as one of several demands to be met as pre-conditions for the party taking part in the run-off or they’ll boycott the polls.

The former election chairman ordeal got exacerbated when he sent the official letter of certification to  the two parties qualified for the run-off, the ruling Unity Party of President Sirleaf and the Congress for Democratic Change of Cllr. Winston Tubman, a Harvard trained lawyer and former United

Nations diplomat as the two parties among the  16 presidential candidates who participated the October 11th election will square off in the run-off on next Tuesday. The letter of certification to the Congress for Democratic Change informed the party it won the first round of the election held on October 11th by winning 43.9% of the valid votes cast  and would be joined by the ruling Unity Party of President Sirleaf coming second with a 32.2% of the votes.

The Chairman letters of certification were a contradiction of what the commission had announced to the public and the records it made available which instead put President Sirleaf and her Unity Party as winner of the October elections, followed by the Congress for Democratic Change.

In a twist to his own letter of certification to the Congress for Democratic Change, former Chairman Fromoyan said his letter was a ‘typo’   error and instead, the first round was rather  won by President Sirleaf and her Unity Party.

Despite President Sirleaf strong resistance to remove the former chairman from his post after insistence from the opposition on grounds that she could not remove him because his  position was a  tenure based, Mr. James Fromoyan stepped down under pressure two Sundays ago and fled to Ghana,  ultimately arriving in the United States yesterday where according to some Liberians commenting on his arrival,  say he will live in a self-imposed exile for a very long time.

The opposition presidential candidate going to the run-off with President Sirleaf, Cllr. Winston Tubman was yesterday invited to Nigeria by that West African nation President Johnathan Goodluck who is also Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, a block of 16 West African countries which had played the leading role in bringing peace to Liberia.

According  to information coming from Abuja, Nigeria, the opposition leader talks with the Nigerian leader centered on arrival at a workable framework which will meet the satisfaction of his party and consequentially agrees to go to the run-off.

According to information leaking out of the meeting, the first thing agreed upon was the inevitable cancellation of the next Tuesdays run-off and re-scheduling it for a month, probably December and  re-structuring the election commission to restore trust and confidence in it, a requisite ingredient the commission must have to conduct an election.

Before leaving for Nigeria, the opposition presidential candidate, Cllr. Winston Tubman warned the commission he and his party had informed the National Elections Commission that he will not take part in the next Tuesday run-off election in view of the present  composition and condition as the commission stands,emphasizing, ‘ if the commission goes ahead and conduct  the run-off next Tuesday with my name and picture on the ballot, the commission will be doing it on its own’.

The mood in Liberia on the Tuesday run-off is one of mute and lacking enthusiasm, with many Liberians not interest in the run-off. Others say they are bracing for the news to come out that the run-off will be cancelled and rescheduled because they know it would make no sense the run-off proceeds and next Tuesday after the election commission incompetent performance, screwing up a very orderly and peaceful election, which only got stained by Mr. Fromoyan and fleeing into self-imposed exile after putting the country at a disturbing crossroad.

The opposition Congress for Democratic  Change has suspended  all campaign activities as in commitment to its pledge that the party will boycott the run-off until their conditions are met, including among other things, recounting of the October election ballots, restructuring the election commission to reflect independence, trust, confidence, and integrity.


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  1. Today what happen in Liberia will not go free,those who did the shooting will give account of their shooting. CDCians has died today tomorrow who next to die? The former president of Liberia Mr.Taylor said there was no big difference between he and madden Ellen, only she is a woman he is a man but they have the same characters.


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