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Liberia: Tuesday Run-off Postponed, President Sirleaf to Addressed Nation

Monrovia_ Liberia’s controversial next Tuesday  run-off election is postponed and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will address the nation  at which time she will officially inform the Liberian people of the government’s decision.

The run-off election has come to be one of gridlock as the opposition party and presidential candidate Cllr. Winston Tubman  withdrew  in protest  to boycott the run-off.  Cllr. Winston Tubman who returned from Nigeria yesterday after having talks with Nigeria President Goodluck Johnathan and Chairman of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), reiterated his call for boycott of the Tuesday election, calling on his supporters and partisans to peacefully boycott the Tuesday polls by staying home.

Cllr. Tubman and his Congress for Democratic Change threat to boycott the runoff on  Tuesday in keeping with the country’s constitution which states a run-off will be held two weeks of an election if no candidate  got 50% plu1 of the total  valid votes cast.

The opposition had accused the National Election Commission of bias and fixing election result to favor President  Sirleaf who is seeking second term. Cllr. Tubman and his party maintain they can not go the run-off with the current configuration of the National Election Commission. The party has put out pre-conditions as demands to be met before it could take part in the run-off.

The Chairman the election commission who oversaw the first round of Liberia’s election held on October 11, 2011, resigned his position two weeks ago under  pressure from the opposition as one of  several  pre-conditions to participate in the run-off and immediately fled into self-imposed exile to Ghana an eventually arriving in the United States two days ago where many say he will begin  a long self-imposed exile.

The opposition are demanding among other pre-conditions, the recounting of the October 11th ballots, re-constitution of the entire election commission to reflect transparency and integrity. The details of the postponement  are yet to be known including the new date for the run-off.

United States State Department conducted  robo calls this week soliciting the views of Liberians in the United States on their perception on the fairness and transparency of  the Tuesday run-off ; it is believed the cancellation of the Tuesday run-off played a significant role in the decision.


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  2. This decision is in the best interest of Liberia and sub region fragile peace and stability.


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