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Liberia: News Outlet Places News Blockade on Run-off Election in Solidarity For…

The New Dispensation, a news outlet which places special attention and reports news  from the West African nation of Liberia, regrets to inform the millions of its audience and the public that  a news blockade on that country’s  November 8th run-off election is being imposed.

The New Dispensation will not cover or report any event on the run-off election  in Liberia including reporting  provisional election  results, press conferences, announcements, and other communications of the National Election Commission, including the certification of election among other things.

The management of The New Dispensation is taking this unconventional and unprecedented decision in solidarity with  quest for peace and reconciliation in that troubling West African nation which had already seen 14 years of civil war which unleashed unimaginable and untold  human sufferings on the good and innocent people of Liberia brought upon them, kiling about 350,000  citizens and displacing thousands more in foreign lands leaving the country completely destroyed brought upon them by the very   citizens are again fueling trouble who mantra of resolving  problems is violence and destruction, not carrying  for their people and country caught in the middle of their ego but what matters to them only.

The New Dispensation calls on all Liberians to exercise restraint and refrain from any act that would be tantamount jeopardizing  to the fragile peace in that troubled West African nation.

We all call on the United States, European Union, United Nations, African Union, the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), other international interests and President Sirleaf to put the well-being of Liberia first and foremost and not their individual competing interest at the detriment of the Liberian people and nation to rallying their resources and and exert their influence on the Liberian leader to bring to  resolve a simple situation from growing into a very disturbing  and bitter divisiveness that will tear Liberia apart for a long time to come even after President Sirleaf is gone.

You can force an election and ignore  resolving  a very simple situation and pretend there is no problem by  barrel of the state power and authority and maneuvering the international community to back your clandestine ambition  but one can not force peace in the minds and hearts of a  bitter people, Liberia is a fragile country and a government emanating from any election must be one which has the legitimacy to reconcile and heal a country coming from 14 years of civil war barely providing for its own security but at the whims of the United nations.

If the November 8th run-off election goes ahead as President Sirleaf  it will go ahead with or without the opposition, those who opt for such predicament in troubled country of Liberia are not acting in the intention of humanity, neither as good citizens of Liberia but as band of vultures racing to rip off the country resources and for Liberians who gleefully cheer this unfortunate charade on their country are not patriots but traitors and enemies of their own country.

For all Liberians, what is obtaining is your country, is wrong and immoral, nobody can write that right except you. It is not about rooting for President Sirleaf and her Unity Party if you are a partisan or supporter or the opposition Congress for Democratic Change but is about your country.

If it is about your country and not clinging to personality cult of the various individual political parties and leaders, Liberians must courageously  look in the eyes of their leaders and political parties and tell them enough is enough, we traveled down that road and we not prepared to go down there again, after all, LIBERIA is bigger than anyone individual and party

Liberian have a choice, and that choice is either side with peace and reconciliation or join the bandwagon to destroy your own country.

Where  are Liberians patriotism and moral conscience, thought Liberians were God-fearing and regular church and Mosque attendants?

Are Liberians not done yet destroying their country?

Liberians should bear in mind and move by sens of national identify and patriotism and move to action and exert pressure on their leaders and political institution that Liberia is the only country they have and no one excerpt  they do it for themselves.


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