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Liberia: Opposition Leader and Running Mate Escape Assassination Attempt, Bodyguard Killed

Sketchy fragments of news coming out of Liberia this morning reported of violence in the troubled West African country ahead of tomorrow run-off election

The clear picture of the violence is finally surfacing, according reporters on the scene, the opposition Congress for Democratic supporters gathered at their party headquarters in Monrovia this morning in dressed in white at the call of

 their leaders Cllr. Winston Tubman to peacefully protest the country’s  run-off election scheduled for tomorrow which the party is boycotting on grounds that the run-off won’t be transparent and demands that the National Election Commission be restructured and the October election recounted, among other things  pre-conditions for their participation.


While assembling on the grounds of their headquarters preparing to peacefully march through the street of the capital, Monrovia, the Liberia National Police  fully armed crept on them at their  party headquarters and blocked them from going out of their compound, preventing the party from going ahead with their march.

A bystander said scoffer broke out between the police and partisans and soon after police opened fire indiscriminately on the gathering killing six of the opposition partisans and wounding uncountable number  others.

An official of the party said their standard bearer, Cllr. Winston Tubman and running mate, former FIFA World Best, George Weah escaped assassination attempt when the police shot and killed the personal security of their standard bearer after taking the shoot for his boss just as he shoved him in the car for his safety and in a second received a shoot to the head, killing  him immediately.

The opposition official said their Vice President also came under attack as the police shot at his car but he was fortunate to have pulled away but the shoots hit the back of his vehicle.



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  1. The cost of peace is very expensive. We have pay too much a price for the peace we now enjoy. Liberia is actually bigger than an individual political party. Winston Tubman and George Weah will come and go, but Liberia will still be. This election will not mark the end of Liberia’s election to ever be heard.

    Can’t we see other african nation going ahead despite of their problem. Can’t we see that the grreed for power is too high in little liberia.
    Can’t we see they all disapear right after election. Are they the people we gone to destroy mama liberia for.


    • Joseph Cooper, did we read you rightly that you are taking issue with Tubman and Weah rather than the police that opened fire on unarmed civilians? I can’t believe that some Liberians have not got the picture that dictators use the security forces to silence their opposition. You should be worried that if Ellen can order the police to shoot at thousands of people at a very powerful opposition, you could get shot and killed and nothing would come out of it. This is how Taylor became a demon overnight, and now you guys are turning Ellen into satan himself. Recently, she ordered the police to shoot at students, and now it is supporters of a political party. Well, Joseph, why don’t you start singing: “You kill my brother, you kill my sister, I will support you…” Shame!


  2. This incident was premedited and those responsible should be held account for breeding violence and causing the lives of some people.The politicians have let the people down.The peace that the few have being enjoying have come to a complete halt.

    Why should we the people be so wicked to insight words that will spark some kind of problem.I think that this is not the direction of a true leader. I believe that politicians are using the people to accomplish their personal greed.

    I don’t think it is in the interest of the country. Most of the protesters I think had different motives during their gathering. I am so sorry for those that lost their family peoson in this unbecoming act.

    I ask the politicians to please have the power to control their supporters from during things that will spell us bad again on the international news and other networks.I belive that Liberia is bigger and greater than any one politician. Society does not go down because of activities of the people but because of the inactvitiveness of the good ones or people to fight for a nonviolence and crime free Liberia.


    • Melvin, the constitution of Liberia allows peaceful gathering and peaceful protest, which was what they supporters of CDC did. That has nothing to do with what you call politicians. Most of you cry foul and blame politicians when a naked power is in play. Ellen simply ordered the police to kill unarmed civilians to show her power. In the great United States that has all the guns and bombs they could not allow its police and security people to shoot at civilians when they recently staged protest marches in New York, Oakland, and other cities. They stone the police and threw bottles at them. They did not open automatic gun on them. They use tear gas, and if they arrested anyone they did not kill them or burst their eyes as the police did to the CDC supporters. Remember, if the police can kill civilians on the compound of the foremost opposition party, I bet they can kill you and nothing would come out of it. I think they purposely went to kill Weah and Tubman for President Sirleaf to have peace of mind. See the bigger picture, and don’t be blinded by the insanity of loyalty to Ellen. When you guys write like the way youi did, you encourage the wicked ruler like Ellen to believe what she did is correct and will do it again, maybe to you or someone very close to you. Think about it.


  3. This report has no A,B and C.



  4. Too early to contradict yourself;you had initially this morning emphatically declared a news blockage because of what you termed as ‘solidarity’ for runoff boycott!
    All you’re reporting with enough bias are election runoff related!You better be more objective as you have lost your credibility already!


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