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Liberia: American Missionary Owned ELWA Radio Station Set Ablaze

Unknown arsonist set ablaze American owned Christian radio station tonight, burning while residents of the ELWA  area at the out-sketch of Liberia’s capital Monrovia.

Radio ELWA is a Christian radio station operating from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. It presently broadcasts on FM 94.5 and SW 4760 kHZ (60 meters), with a transmission power of 1000 watts (1 kilo watt)

Following the massive destruction of the ELWA Radio Station in 1990 as a result of the crisis in Liberia, the management put the pieces back together and rebuild  radio station.

 Radio ELWA goes back to the vision and challenge of SIM that all may hear the propagation of the tenets of the Christian faith by means of broadcasting. In 1952, the Government of Liberia granted a permit for broadcasting. A frequency was assigned and the call letters “ELWA” (Eternal Love Winning Africa) were designated for what was soon to be Africa’s first Christian radio station. Committed to the challenge, on January 18, 1954, Radio ELWA aired its first program with the hope that millions would be blessed spiritually.

In July 1990, ELWA radio station when the station was silenced due to the civil war in Liberia. In 1992, SIM with its compassionate concern and commitment to reaching the un-reached and helping to mend broken and shattered lives by means of broadcasting, took the challenge to resurrect ELWA Radio.

Unfortunately, however, ELWA Radio was again silenced and, like other institutions, suffered greatly during the renewed fighting in 1996. Following the 1996 crisis, national staff regrouped and purposed to start this ministry. SIM for the second time made a commitment to help rebuild ELWA Radio on the condition that the vision, initiative and management remain on the hands of the nationals.

The radio station broadcast eight hours of English broadcast per day and one and one-half hours of Liberian Language broadcast in Grebo, Kru, Gola, Bassa, Kpelle, Kissi, Dan, Krahn and Loma, is supported almost entirely by local funds. Roughly seventy-five percent of ELWA Radio’s income to date has resulted in charges from public serviceannouncements, requests, donations, and local program producers, and from pastors and churches who sign up for air time to broadcast their programs.

According to eyewitness account the station got engulfed in flames this evening with residents caught in shock and disbelief as the missionary station which had been in Liberia for a very long from the  1940s and is the second time it is burnt down. The government of former President Samuel K Doe torched it in early 1990 when that West African nation was attacked by dissent forces who later launched a full scale war and which killed the President.



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  1. ELWA needs to pay taxes and give our land back to us. These so-called Christians are the most racists and unfriendly people. They use our people as houseboys and girls and then take photos and go back to the US to solicit money to live good lives. Let them help their own country. oh wait, they do not want them there either. Take back ELWA.


    • Sad to hear some like you speak this way. From your tone, I doubt if you are a patriotic Liberian. Except you are a non-christian, but be advised that there is no holy war in Liberia at present. Your claim is even baseless. There have never been a time where we were told of ELWA secret act. They had always been propagating religious msdssges. They have changed lives for the better. They had been non-political all through their operations. It is just ignorance that cause people to applaud such an unthinkable act.


  2. Let it burn. Those missionaries have done nothing but exploit our country in the guise of religion. They live among us but look at us as heathens and savages. They have never liked Black people and even now write and say things about LIberians and about Obama. Let them go and help their own country and leave us alone. They have been living the good life in LIberia while turning up their noses at us. Either buy the land, develop it or the government should take it back. We have given them a free ride too long. Goodbye and good riddance.


    • It is sadden that you cannot back your claim with some substantial prove. You based you claims on rumours. I am sorry, but on such an intellectual forum, people don,t say things without proof.

      That is the mistakes we Liberians keep making. We base our conclusions on rumours. Do you know the consequence of spreading false happenings? The outcomes are terrible.


  3. What a disaster! And what anticipation we have of seeing what God is going to do next through ELWA. He isn’t finished with the radio station yet. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55: 8 & 9.
    So we trust Him with the knowledge that He does all things well.
    Bill Watkins was my husband, and we were in Liberia all through the initial laying of the ground work. All the way, from beginning to the present time, we saw God’s mighty hand at work in this radio station. We know He has greater plans for it. May God comfort your souls. Grace Watkins


  4. I say a hearty “Amen” to what you wrote, Annette. May God refine all of us who profess to be His children, that nothing stands in the way of His using us to bring others to Himself.

    Betty Thompson


  5. Annette de la Haye Cooper: I grew up from 1954 at ELWA. Graduated from CWA and am a true Liberian! This is what I journaled after hearing the news yesterday:

    “Which of you intending to build, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it …” Luke 14:28 Jesus counted the cost with HIS LIFE for Liberia and the world. All that we build in this world, will be inspected and found out by the REFINING FIRE of our God. So those who are living at or near ELWA, may you gather to stand before those studio ashes as a visual aid of our need as a people of God to let God do HIS REFINING work in our lives, in the unseen places of our hearts. God seriously wants to rebuild ELWA and my people and my country of Liberia in a new way. May this studio site be HOLY GROUND, where we like Moses take off our shoes of pride, arrogance, self made strategies, unforgiveness, lust, theft, jealousy, hatred, compotision, ‘better than you’ attitude, fear, worry, or whatever – to become pure as gold! Let us rejoice in what our LOVING Heavenly Father will do because of this fire. I am excited to see how He corrects and refines me through this event. GLORY BE TO GOD ON HIGH AND PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARD ALL MEN! This is the message of the angels at Christ’s birth. Let this be a season of celebration as we kneel in the ashes of the ELWA studio building. God is good and I am really getting excited to see how God will change Liberia for HIS GLORY and name sake! Are you getting a little excited? Tell me about it!


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