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Liberia: Opposition Wants U S Ambassador, Greenfield Recalled, Accused of Meddling in Country’s Internal Politics

                                                                   Ambassador Greenfield Must Stop Meddling Into Liberian Politics

A Political Commentary By the Media Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)

                                                                                                                      Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa


The US Embassy accredited near Monrovia, Liberia, has been turned into a sub political headquarters for the ruling Unity Party by Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield, to the extent that all major  political statements of threats that have been made against the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and its leadership, are either

Ambassador Greenfield

sanctioned by Ambassador Greenfield or are directly re-echoed by her through radio pronouncements under the pretext of re-emphasizing US policy towards Liberia.

When sometimes in February 2010, Ambassador Greenfield, openly defended Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s second term bid as a constitutional right, and thereafter, accompanied the Liberian leader on her trip to Belle Yalla, holding the President’s handbag, like a personal bodyguard, not many people realized the danger of having an Ambassador serving as a public relation officer or a stooge for a corrupt and irresponsible regime.

Unfortunately today, the true color of Honorable American Ambassador has been exposed so much that even ordinary citizens in the streets of Liberia  are now convinced that the US Embassy near Monrovia has been reduced to a sub headquarters of the ruling  Unity Party with Ambassador Greenfield in charge as executive committee member of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  party. Moreover, apart from the  boorish and unruly public comments and threats against the CDC by the Honorable US Ambassador, there are reports that she is now the “chief strategist” for President Sirleaf’s second term bid, stirring up Liberians against one another, and as part of that new assignment, the US Ambassador, according Unity Party insiders, regularly attends meetings of the party as executive committee member either at the Foreign Ministry or in the home of Counselor Varney Sherman to assure Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her partisans of US government support to their game of frauds and illegal ballot stuffing in the October 11, 2011 elections.

We are deeply troubled that a US Ambassador would blatantly gamble the integrity and respect of America and get involved in the politics fear, division to the detriment of other Liberians. What else will Ambassador Greenfield tell the political establishment in Washington about the invasion and shooting to death of partisans of the CDC at their headquarters by Nigerian Vanguard Force dressed up in Liberia National Police uniforms?

Unbelievably, Ambassador Greenfield’s support for Ellen Sirleaf’s second term bid brashly compromises the US Government policy on freedoms of expression, assembly and free movement so much that anyone who expresses a dissent on any particular issue, as in the case of widows of dead AFL soldiers, which is a cardinal principle of democracy, is threatened with War Crimes Court; treated either as an “outcast” or an agitator by Greenfield’s standards.

Never before has there been any involvement in the internal politics of Liberia by an American Ambassador than now. Liberia is sinking into a bitter country, and sooner or later tribal fervor will find a breeding ground in our politics as long as Ambassador Greenfield continues to play up the Unity Party against the CDC.

Theirs is evidence that the Honorable US ambassador is no longer neutral when it comes to any issue that concerns the present government.

For instance, when a group of widows turned out at the national legislature in January 2010, and demanded benefits for their dead Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) husbands killed in the 1990s civil  war, Ambassador Greenfield blew up, took to the airwaves in a tantrum, rained insults at the poor women and branded  them as confusionists and agent provocateurs; thereafter, she warned and threatened to advise the government of Liberia under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  to use maximum force, when necessary, to crush any demonstration if the women did not abandon their legitimate demands.

The women were only demanding just benefits for their dead husbands—soldiers who were killed in action and left behind scores of children; and their wives had gone to the legislature to demand their benefits to feed their fatherless children but Ambassador Greenfield saw the peaceful assembly, although a constitutional right under Liberian law, as a direct threat or an attack on US Government policy in Liberia.

While it may seem that Ambassador Greenfield’s support for Unity Party far exceeds her role as US Ambassador, and seems quite animated by this, we had thought common sense would prevail and the Honorable Ambassador representing the most powerful and vibrant democracy in the world, would learn to be broad minded when it comes to political disagreements over electoral matters, especially so where allegations of frauds are involved, rather than being narrow-minded,  selfish and irresponsible in making comments that have the potential to bring into disrepute the role of America as a model for democracy.

It is sad that pluralistic democracy or political tolerance in America today, has obfuscated American diplomacy with junks, pranksters—people like Ambassador Greenfields, who, once out of the sphere and control of Washington, have chosen to shame the respect and integrity other nations of the world have for America when it comes to democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

What this Honorable Ambassador must understand is that America’s interest in Liberia is not at stake; it is not threatened whether under Winston Tubman or Ellen Sirleaf. Moreover, the CDC is a grass root political party and not an anti-America movement or an extremist group; it leaders have no past human rights records. Therefore, it is a shame to the leadership role of America in democracy to have someone like Ambassador Greenfield, who has reduced herself as public relation officer for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the US Embassy as a sub-headquarters for the ruling Unity Party to serve as Ambassador for the most powerful nation on earth at this critical time of our national history.

The honorable Ambassador, as public relation officer of the government is aiding and abetting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in leading a divided and a bitter nation at a time when national reconciliation should be the paramount concern of any Liberian leader. What can Ambassador Greenfield say to over 397,000 CDC partisans who have opposed to Ellen Sirleaf’s second term bid?

We can understand why there are mixed signals coming out of Washington because a “mouthpiece” for the government, called Ambassador Greenfield is doing the bidding for her benefactor and misinforming American public opinion and the Washington political establishment about the frauds, illegal ballot stuffing distortions of electoral figures under the cover of darkness in favor of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that occurred during the October 11, 2011 elections.

How sad is it that there is an American Ambassador who does not care about electoral frauds and illegal ballot stuffing; how sad it is that there is an Ambassador who wants America to license or support electoral frauds! Certainly, we did not expect anything good to come out of Washington on the situation in Liberia because there a public relation officer for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield.

Today, it is now clear that Ambassador Greenfield does not understand or does not support the fundamental principles of freedoms of expression, movement and peaceful assembly or a free democratic contest and is only interested supporting a political demagogue because of either personal or pecuniary interest at the expense of democracy and is therefore determined to make America wrongly support electoral frauds to sustain her selfish interest. Liberians need an American Ambassador who will speak out openly on human rights abuses, graft, corrupt in high places, accountability and transparency; an ambassador who will stand up for women and children’s rights—an ambassador to whom a free, fair and democratic contests will have a true meaning of its own and who will understand the people’s desire for a genuine democratic change through the ballot box.

Sadly, Liberia does not need a joker or a public relation officer like Ambassador Greenfield who has ruined American’s policy towards Liberia and has turned the US Embassy accredited near Monrovia into the headquarters of Ellen’s Unity Party.  This is our argument.




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  1. This woman knows nothing about diplomatic neutrality as laid out in the Geneva protocol. She is a disaster, an ambassador who believes that she is Liberia’s president. She has issues statements criticizing Liberia citizens. She needs to be recalled and perhaps sent to ambassador school to learn the basics. A total disaster who spends more time hob nobing with the elite than building bridges.


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