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Liberia: Opposition Vows, No Inauguration for President Sirleaf

The opposition Congress for Democratic Change, CDC , one week after a bloody crackdown by police after clash erupted between partisans and the police today commence

President Sirleaf

a seven day mourning in memory of the seven partisans shot and killed by  police  last Monday by putting up billboards bearing seven caskets representing their partisans killed by Liberian government police.

Addressing his fellow partisans at the billboard planting ceremonies,  Jefferson Kochi said as far as CDCiansare concerned, President Sirleafwill not be inaugurated on January 16, 2012. Mr Kochi who received grandeur applause from his fellow partisans went further,  vowing they would organize protests to prevent all activities of the inauguration of President Sirleaf.

“The only good President Sirleaf can do is to begin the electoral process all over again and step down and if she refuses, we will continue to protest against the government even if it means we die”, Mr Kochi continued in his speech.

“Do not be deterred by the so-called results put out by the N atonal Election Commission, it is just a mere statement and we will continue our protest until we the change of this regime”, the party stalwart asserted. The CDC party executive also lamented President Sirleaf’s move to setup a Reconciliation Committee for the November 7th mayhem will not produce a tangible outcome because the party is not willing to reconcile with anyone who killed their partisans.

Mr. Kochi said, his party considers the condemnation of the killing and police brutality of their partisans and the closing down of three media institutions the government believes are sympathetic to his party  by the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Linda Greensfield as rubbish and a mere hypocrisy not in the interest of the CDC.



Tension got heightened after the opposition Congress for Democratic Change threatened to boycott the November 8th  run-off polls on grounds that the first round of the election was a fraud and called for the commission to be structure to reflect trust, integrity, and transparency as pre-conditions going forward.

The CDC  called for a mass rally on the eve of the run-off at their headquarters and  a peaceful march through the streets of the Capital to protest the run-off.

The rally barely left the grounds of the party headquarters when heavily armed police barked by United Nations peacekeepers but soon turned deadly when clash erupted between CDC partisans and the police  resulting into stone throwing and the using of tear gas and shooting of live bullets into CDC crowd, killing seven persons and wounding several others.


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  1. The decision CDC took to boycott an election that was bound to be highly competitive was a serious mistake. In so doing, CDC was announcing to the world that she was waiving her right to vote as a prominent citizen of that land. One thing that is cleared is that CDC willfully took that decision and was not force. In as much as CDC could not have been force to vote on the day of election, could also not be a reason for which others who didn’t feel the way CDC felt to sit and full their hands.
    Having said the above, and speaking as a true Liberian, it is wise for CDC to see reason. Reason in the sense that they give up their right to form part of the democratic process. This is the only means of ascending to power in such a democratic nation. Please be informed that riot cannot take you to power. If you still insist on rioting, you are inviting another trouble that will harm our brother and sister. The rule of law has to be exercise to the highest degree. You cannot stand up against a government and they full their hands and watch you create insecurity.


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