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Liberia: Opposition Holds Funeral Rally, Marched with Coffins of Fallen Partisans Gunned Down by Police

Liberia opposition, Congress for Democratic Change, CDC in defiance to government’s order that no entity could hold a march without permit from the Justice Ministry, made through their plan to hold a funeral rally march for their fallen partisans, they called martyr of freedom and democracy gunned down by  police  on November 7th at their party headquarters.

Courtesy: FPA

Thousands of partisans of the opposition marched through the streets of Monrovia bearing the white coffins of their fallen partisans, led by their Standard and Vice Standard Bearers, Cllr. Winston Tubman and former soccer icon, George Weah.

The marched which began at the party headquarters in Congo town, at the outsketch of Monrovia, went peacefully through  downtown Monrovia into Mamba Point, the diplomatic enclave.

Last week Cllr. Winston Tubman, the party’s Standard Bearer vowed that his party would hold a funeral rally march through the streets of Monrovia in memory of his fallen partisans gunned down by police  who fired live bullets into the gathering of the party for a protest rally. Cllr. Tubman, who personal bodyguard was also gunned down afterhe shoved his boss out of harms way,  declared the party did not need permit from the Liberian government to march or assemble because it is guaranteed by the Liberian constitution.

 On November 7th the opposition protest rally turned deadly when CDC’s partisans clashed with police, throwing stone and the police fired live bullets into the crowd, killing some partisans and wounding several others.

Police marched on the grounds of opposition CDC’s headquarters on November 7th where the party gathered for a protest rally against the November 8th presidential run-off election which the party was boycotting on grounds that the first round was fixed and rigged in favor of incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The party called for the re-count of the ballots of the first round of election, resignation of Mr. James Fromoyan, head of the National Election Commission, re-constitution of the commission and rescheduled  the run-off for a month, as pre-conditions for the party to participate in the run-off.

The credibility and work of Mr. Fromoyan and his commission came into question at its summit, when he issued letter of accreditation to the opposition Congress for Democratic Change, informing them that they won the first round of the October 11th general and presidential elections, followed by the ruling Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf with 44% and 33% of the total votes cast respectively.

Mr. Fromoyan’s official certification letter to the CDC was in contradiction to the election results known to the public which put President Sirleaf at ahead of the polls, followed by the CDC. The Liberian election boss soon withdrew his letter, citing it was a ” typo error” , that CDC did not win the first round of the election but President Sirleaf and her Unity Party did win the first round instead.

The Chairman of the commission stepped down and fled into exile, saying he was stepping down so the opposition CDC could not use his continual stay as head of the National Election Commission as a basis to boycott the run-off.  

The opposition CDC party promised to hold series of protest beginning the November 28 to protest the outcome of November 8th run-off election which saw President Sirleaf and her Unity party, the only contender after the opposition boycotted as the winner of the run-off, giving way to a controversial second term.

The Nobel Peace Price laureate second term is dampened by illegitimacy  by the boycotting of her challenger, Cllr. Winston Tubman and the low turnout at the polls of 38%, a very distant of the 71% turnout during  the first round. President Sirleaf won by 90% and the opposition which boycotted polls got 10%, making total turnout of the votes which brought out the second term Africa’s first female President of 28%.

The 28% low ceiling turnout obviously hunts  the second term  government of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate  with legitimacy under international law, she is therefore  being persuaded to form a government of national unity and makes CDC a working partner to learn credibility and some sense of legitimacy to the government. 

 The opposition CDC  says it does not recognise President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as president-elect from the run-off, vowing not to recognize the government and preventing her inauguration on January 16, 2012.


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