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Month: November 2011

Liberia: Halt November 8th Kangaroo Election, Ex-TRC Chairman Urges Senate

” Elections by fiat will deprive President Sirleaf of the legitimacy she needs to successfully govern in her second term bid and reverse the gains made towards deepening a culture of democracy and fairness in Liberia. After a miserable referendum bid, the President cannot afford to lead the country down the slippery slope of incessant conflicts. What has happened to her suppose “peace building and peace maker” posture that earned her a spot next to Leamah Gbowie. What happened to the culture of dialogue, political maturity and reconciliation? In its recommendation, the TRC had identified the lack of national mechanisms for handling national disputes outside the traditional civil court process as being a major source for the escalation of conflicts and recommended the establishment of one. That is yet to happen but we have a golden opportunity in the resignation of Chairman Fromoyan (he must be commended for this) to salvage the crisis on hand”.


Prez Sirleaf Somersaults Last Minute, Defiantly Goes to Run-off With or Without Opposition

“This evening Liberia is silent and we’re thinking what happening to our country”, a young Liberian trader interviewed by our correspondent said; “why these people can’t sit on the table and find solution but everyone thinks they bigger than the country and when things get bad, they’ll take their American passports and leave the mess for us to suffer”, he nodded his head in dismay”.

Liberia: Tuesday Run-off Postponed, President Sirleaf to Addressed Nation

“Liberia’s controversial next Tuesday election is postponed and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will address the nation at 3:00 pm GMT at which time she will officially inform the Liberian people of the government’s decision”.

Liberia: Tubman Returns From Talks in Nigeria, Line Drawn in the Sand, Party Will Boycott Tuesday Run-off: Fromoyan Arrives in the United States

“The Chairman letters of certification were a contradiction of what the commission had announced to the public and the records it made available which instead put President Sirleaf and her Unity Party as winner of the October elections, followed by the Congress for Democratic Change”.

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