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Two Liberians Wanted By FBI for ‘Black Money’

The United States Federal Bureau of  Investigation, FBI, Hawaii division has put out an alert for the arrest of  two Liberians  are wanted  for questioning in connection ‘black money’  scheme.

On  Nov. 4 the FBI got a  tip of that two persons who claimed to come from Liberia, West Africa were renting a Honolulu storage Locker for cash and were storing two large suitcases. The FBI in turn got in touch with the Police and Fire Departments of Honolulu and they carried on safety inspection and found out there was no explosives or dangerous materials inside the suitcases.
The FBI obtained a searched warrant to open the suitcases and found hundreds of pounds of black construction paper cut in US bill size currency.
The Black Money Scam is a well-known fraud where black construction paper is presented to a victim as being actual U.S. currency dyed black through a chemical process. The con-man represents that he needs money to obtain another chemical that will wash off the black dye and render the U.S.
currency back to its normal state. The victim is asked for money to buy the chemical in exchange for half of the black paper. After the money is given to the con-man, the victim is given the black paper, and the con-man disappears with the victim’s money.
The Honolulu FBI is calling on the two Liberians who are only identified by their photos to come forward for questioning and is warning   the public about a scam targeting Hawaii residents commonly known as the Black Money Scam.
The Honolulu FBI is however reminding the public also that  the individuals depicted in the attached photo are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.
For leads on the wanted Liberian suspects, you can contact the  Honolulu FBI:
Special Agent Special Agent Tom Simon (808) 566-4300
Special Agent Frank Montoya, Jr. (808) 566-4300


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  1. These are the misguided elements that are poisoning and crippling the way for other Liberians, especially those Liberians that are trying hard to come here. They are depicting every Liberian to be evil.

    My prayer is that these elements be rooted out from this society.


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