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Liberia: Out-going Speaker, Tyler Accused of Theft of House’s Property

Monrovia– The out-going Speaker of  52nd Liberian Legislature, Alexander Tyler is being accused of theft  of property.  According to information from within the Procurement

Department of the Liberian Legislature, Speaker Tyler, shortly after he was elected Speaker, took  furnitures including over 75 VIP chairs belonging  to the Legislature  under the disguise that he was hosting a personal program and needed to borrow  them for the occasion, promising he would return them after the program.

Our sources who claim anonymity, said the Procurement Department of the Legislature contacted the Speaker several weeks later after the department realized 75 VIP chairs were not returned as the Speaker promised but he brushed off  the department.

Few months after  the Liberian Speaker brushed off the procurement department , the department   again approached him,  emphasizing they were by law under statutory obligation to account for  all properties of the Liberian government in use at the Capitol (Legislature) and  will have to give account of the whereabouts of the  75 chairs in his possession but was again dismissed by the Speaker who became agitated by the constant pressure from the  department, citing them to a meeting hammering them  as to why they kept bothering about the chairs.

The procurement Department, having been threatened by the Speaker, reluctantly informed the Speaker that he signed a  documentation that he took the 75 VIP chairs and that the department is not responsible  for what happens to the chairs but the Speaker to exonerate the department and employees when audited by the General Service Agency, the national procurement entity of the Liberian government.

Speaker Tyler, according to sources of the procurement department of the Legislature has not returned the 75 chairs about four years going and is believed the Speaker has taken the chairs for his personal possession which is “theft of property”.

The out-going Speaker of the 52nd Liberian Legislature is seeking re-election as Speaker of the incoming 53rd Legislature whose election is scheduled for January 9, 2012 and is being backed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who was re-elected to a second term in a controversial election which she ran unopposed after the opposition boycotted the election.

Speaker Alexander Tyler is facing strong resistance for the speakership of the 53rd Legislature, incoming  lawmakers vowed not to re-elect him because he  and President Sirleaf  come from the same county. Re-electing Speaker Tyler, the lawmakers believed ” would  be giving too much power to one geographical subdivision of the country which will have an adverse effect on the independence  and integrity of the Legislature just as the out-going 52nd Legislature which is nicknamed as “cold water lawmakers” for accusation of  cultural bribery by the executive”.


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