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Liberia: President Sirleaf Inaugurated to a Second Term, Opposition Graced Occasion

Africa’s first female president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was today inaugurated to a second  term of office with several world leaders in attendance  including U S Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton heading the United States delegation.Liberia is no longer a place of conflict, war and deprivation.  We are no longer the country our citizens  want to run away from, our international partners.

Courtesy: VOA

In her inaugural speech, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate said ”  a watching world, we inaugurate a new beginning, a rebirth of our democracy and a restoration of hope” and that “Liberia is no longer a place of conflict, war and deprivation  and  no longer the country our citizens  want to run away from, our international partners  pitied, and our neighbors feared. President Sirleaf declared,  “we have earned our rightful place as a beacon of democracy – a country of   hope and opportunity.

The Liberian President told her countrymen  her inauguration was their  moment  and  they were the heroes of the day and the triumph they came to celebrate together.

Addressing the deep division in her country and the urgent need for reconciliation, President Sirleaf said, ” reconciliation defined not by political bargaining

or by an artificial balance of power by tribe, region, religion or ethnicity but by the equality of opportunity and a better future for all Liberians;

true reconciliation means a process of national healing”.  “It means learning the lessons of the past to perfect our democracy,  but above all it means economic

justice for our citizens and the spread of progress to all our people”.

The Liberian President acknowledged the challenges of creating  jobs for the unemployed and promise to provide opportunities for young people whom she said are impatient and eager to make up for years of conflict and deprivation,  anxious to know that their homeland offers the grounds for hope. President Sirleaf said to the youth of her country, “we heard that message and it is our solemn obligation to ensure that their hope will not be in vain.”

President  inauguration was graced by the opposition though they boycotted the November 8th run-off election with many of their leaders attending the ceremonies including Liberia leading opposition leaders, Cllr. Winston Tubman, U N diplomat and standard bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC and his running mate, football icon George Weah.


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