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Prez. Sirleaf’s Presidential Rival Tubman Expelled From Party

MONROVIA-Cllr. Winston Tubman, the former United Nations diplomat who was wandering without a political party to pursue his dreaming of becoming President of his Country after he was expelled

Tubman, right with party Chair Doe & George Weah

by his former party, the Liberia National Union just few months migrating to another party, the National Democratic Party of Liberia and wrist from obscurity as Standard Bearer of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party just  few months to last October elections has again been expelled by the party who flag he bore in an intense election with his rival President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Speaking in an interview with this entity late last evening, the Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change, Rep. Acarous Gray said his party was force to expel Cllr Tubman after nearly three months of  behind the scene negotiations to have him relinquish  the standard bearership of the party as stipulated in the deal that brought him in failed.The CDC Secretary General accused the former United Nations diplomat of running a parallel administration and not depositing party funds into  the party’s bank account. The new Liberian lawmaker further accuses Cllr Tubman of using his family members to  run the party as if it is his family club.

Responding to question on whether his party’s action has legal standing considering that the National Election Commission serves as guidance of political parties  and decisions and actions taken must be in conformity with the election laws and constitution of his country, Rep Gray said his party has bye laws and constitution on which their action to expelled Cllr. Tubman is predicated. H e said his party cannot wait for the National Election Commission to instruct them when and how to make or take decisions on issues confronting their institution but it is  left with Cllr Tubman to take the matter to commission but his party has taken its decision.

“I just learned that Cllr. Tubman has conceded to our decision in a press conference tonight but I cannot confirm it”, the CDC Secretary General said, saying “we will be going to convention very soon to put in place a new leadership team”.

The expulsion of Cllr Tubman brings two the number of high profile officials the leading opposition party in Liberia has taken, the first being its former Chairman, Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif  and other  executives who were expelled from the party last December immediately  after the election on grounds that she went into negotiation with President Sirleaf’s Unity Party, the declared winner of the November runoff election         which the CDC boycotted to avert her country drafting back into war without the knowledge of the party.

The Liberia’s opposition party which came second to  President Sirleaf’s Unity Party boycotted the November 8th runoff election on allegations that the National Election Commission  cooked the elections for the Liberian leader. Tensions of the boycott led to bloodshed on the eve of the runoff when state police stormed the CDC compound after partisans gathered there for a protest rally against the election. State police shot live bullets indiscriminately into partisans leading to fatalities and many injured.

The opposition party had earlier threatened and vowed President Sirleaf’s inauguration would not take because it would disrupt the event by paralyzing the day with a massive protest.

To the amazement of Liberians who were on the edge fearing their country slide back into war saw the leadership of the opposition in full attendance at the inauguration. The party’s Vice Standard Bearer, former football star George Weah will resume the standard bearership just  nearly a year ago after conceding the standard bearership to Tubman under pressure from stalwarts of the party that he give up the slot in a bid for the institution to win the election since they believe his continuous stay with the title and representing the party as standard bearer was a liability to the party clinching  power.


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