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Liberia: Widow of Late Liberian General, Tarloh Quiwonkpa Calls on Her Countrymen to Take Personal Responsibility and Overcome the Past

A Liberian Health professional and Professor, Mrs Tarloh Quiwonkpa, wife of the late Liberian Commanding  General of the Arm Forces of Liberia  last weekend called on her countrymen to  overcome the past and have the willingness to take full responsibility to overcome the past  for reconciliation to become attainable in their country.

Mrs Tarloh Quiwonkpa

Mrs Quiwonkpa made the remarks over the weekend in New Jersey, the United States at the first Gala celebration of the Samuel Kanyon Foundation where she served as keynote speaker at the invitation of the children of the late Liberian President, Samuel K. Doe.

Mrs Quiwonkpa saidl her decision to  accept the invitation to serve as keynote speaker was driven by her burning desire to see genuine reconciliation and peace in Liberia, a desire which collided with the Samuel Kanyon Doe Foundation’s vision, an institution founded in memory of the late Liberian President, a one time best friend of her late  husband, General Thomas G Quiwonkpa.

Introducing Mrs Quiwonkpa earlier, the daughter of the late Liberian President,Ms  Celue Doe and head of the foundation said they were honored to have Mrs Quiwonkpa to deliver the keynote address and her presence was a clear manifestation of her  commitment to genuine reconciliation and peace in Liberia.

Mrs Quiwonkpa said Liberians need to co-exist despite their bitter differences because as Liberians, they all need each other”

Mrs Quiwonkpa’s late husband General Thomas G Quiwonkpa was one time best friend of the late President Samuel K Doe but later felled apart and the returned to the country in 19985 to topple the Doe military regime but the coup was aborted and General Quiwonkpa killed, a bitterness which set the stage for Liberia 14 year  civil war.

Tarloh Quiwonkpa, middle and Dr. Nat Gbassegee far left with the late President Doe children

Tarloh, as she is commonly called by her peers and admirers, is the widow of the late Gen. Thomas G. Quiwonkpa, former commanding general of the Republic of Liberia. She currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Considered by her admirers as a celebrity in Liberia and in the Diaspora because of her enormous talents as an artist/singer, composer, and dancer, Mrs. Quiwonkpa is a Registered Nurse (RN) and a nursing instructor at the Rasmussen College in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Since she migrated to the United States over two decades ago, Mrs. Quiwonkpa has invested her time preparing herself professionally and intellectually. She forwent the pageantry that often characterize life in the US to struggle to become a Registered Nurse in the State of Minnesota.

Click for full Audio of Mrs Quiwonkpa Speech:

She earned an Associate Degree in Nursing in 1990 from the College of St. Catherine at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota and later attended and graduated from the Metropolitan State University in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with a bachelor  degree in nursing (BSN) in 2007.

In her unquenchable desire and unyielding commitment to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge critical to overcoming challenges and then succeeding in the 21st century and beyond, especially as it relates to the ever-challenging field of nursing in this age of information and communication technology (ICT), Mrs. Quiwonkpa, in January 2008, enrolled at Walden University and two years later (in February 2010) graduated with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 4.0, thereby earning a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with specialty in Nursing Informatics. She’s currently pursuing a second master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) at her alma mater (Walden University).

Tarloh attended and graduated from the Kendeja High School, formally known as the National Cultural Center High School. Tarloh acknowledged the commitment of and of course thanked Ms. Kenjena Wisemen and Mr. Nathan Pen, two Peace Corps

Volunteers, who went beyond the call of duty, to ensure that students at the Cultural Center, including Tarloh, woke up every Monday morning following a three-night (Friday – Sunday) performance at the E. J. Roy Building to attend classes.

Despite the hectic week-end nights, Tarloh still woke up early Monday morning to attend classes because of her immeasurable commitment to excel in life.  Mrs. Quiwonkpa, after obtaining her associate degree in nursing and subsequently b certified as a registered nurse after sitting and passing the NCLEX test, was hired as a staff nurse at Fairview Riverside/University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, where she worked from 1990 to 1992, providing care to patients in the medical and surgical care units.

In 1991, she was transferred to the Adult Critical Care float pool, where she demonstrated her competency by accurately assessing and applying critical thinking and evidence-based nursing practice in caring for patients who needed critical care, including patients who needed heart transplant.

In February 1992, Mrs. Quiwonkpa was hired as  at United Hospital, one of the renowned hospitals in Minnesota, where she  provided care to post-surgical and telemetry-cardiac and congestion-heart-failure patients.

After acquiring strong clinical and technical skills at United Hospital within a year, Tarloh was transferred to the Emergency Department (ED) of the hospital in 1993, where she again provided outstanding medical care to patients with cardiovascular emergencies, including cardiac and respiratory arrest as well as those experiencing trauma. Also, Mrs. Quiwonkpa performed cardiac monitoring, assisted physicians during treatments and examinations, documented care and results, and administered medications.


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  1. This is one of the most exceptional, open-hearted and forgiven Liberian that worth emulating. The fact that she accepted that invitation and further attend proof her genuine desire to let the painful past go. Whatever her faith is, she is strong within it. There is no level of anger or vendetta that can give her what she has lost. The act of forgivingness is the only way to lasting peace in her heart as well as in ama Liberia.

    Which Liberian is ready to go this path? Let us all take a lesson in this and open our body, mind and soul for genuine forgiveness that can lead to genuine national reconciliation. All Hail Liberia Hail. In union strong success is sure. We shall over all prevail as One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.


  2. A clarification: she is an alumnae of the College of St. Catherine’s Minneapolis campus (formerly referred to as the St. Mary’s campus) – now known as the St. Catherine University Henrietta Schmoll School of Health.


  3. Just to thank my mom for the many efforts she is making to bring peace among those that have been separated due war.


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