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“The New Dispensation” Managing Editor Attends BBC and London School of Economics Global Journalism Conference

The Publisher and Managing Editor of “The New Dispensation”, J K-K. Peah   attends a worldwide journalism conference on March 23, 2012 in London, organized by the British Broadcasting

Corporation and the London School of Economics.

Organizers of the conference in a public statement said the POLIS International Conference on Global Journalism will bring together leading journalists and Editors worldwide and will examine key issues of global reporting.

According to the conference organizers, the BBC College of Journalism and the London School of Economics and Political Science present the POLIS International Conference with the theme, “reporting the world”.

The Conference sessions will cover issues such as Reporting Conflict and Resolution, the 2012 Olympics, Reporting the Economy, After Wikileaks, Citizens and the Mainstream Media, and  other topics.

The conference will feature speakers and attendees from the BBC,  London School of Economics, The Guardian, the financial Times, organizer of the POLIS Charlie Beckett and others..













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