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Liberia National “Vision 2030”- A Critical Analysis

Dear Mr. Editor,

I will appreciate were you to allow me a space in your prestigious and widely read outlet to decipher what my country’s government and President have adventured into, called “Vision 2030”, a roadmap forward after a decade plus of destruction of our country.

It is very important for all nations to have a national vision that is government lead in any case, but let it also be understood that a national vision can only succeed if the citizens

James Marshall

of that nation including all of the inhabitants from across all its counties, cities, districts, towns and villages that makeup that nation are willing without any national issue and grievance against the ruling government of that nation before such a vision will have an impact and benefit the citizens of that nation.

In the case of Liberia and President Sirleaf’s government “Vision 2030”, it lacks what it takes to achieve a vision .

This Government had the first six years of power, it came and gone without anything to show for. Do they need a vision for ‘stop sign’ or traffic light to be put in the streets of Liberia? Do they need vision to put side walk in Monrovia? Do they need vision to repair the Executive Mansion of Liberia? Do they need a vision to know that the Ministry of Foreign affairs is not the office of the president? Do they need a vision to take care of the war victims?

If this government cannot solve some of the above listed concerns of the country within six years and a half with all of the international support, how do we jump to the discussion of vision for some of the big challenges? Such basic things like good roads, water, sanitation, electricity, schools, hospitals, bridges, transportations, housing, policing our boarders and reaching out to the victims of the civil war which still remains a human right issue among other things.

Now, here we are again as a nation calling for vision 2030, when we suppose to be asking ourselves as a nation why did former warlords and President of Liberia (Charles Taylor) national vision 2024 did not work. In other words, any ruling government of Liberia composing of warlords or key players of the Liberian civil war that left more than 250,000 people dead cannot call for a national vision.
How can we call for national visions for Liberia when the rest of our people are still grieving and waiting for justice for the lost of their families and love ones? Do they need visions to know that other Liberians that they hurt are still going to bed hungry?
We understand there are still some people that are not connected to today reality or downplaying the ideas of justice for the victims of the war fought in Liberia.

The crimes and atrocities that were committed and the lost of lives in Liberia as a result of the civil war, are far greater than other crimes that were committed in other West African countries (sierra lone and Ivory Coast) and those countries are now seeing justice. Do we need visions to stop rewarding warlords in our country or vision to bring them to justice for what they did to all of us?

If there should be any vision for Liberia, it will be a vision that will include bringing justice to the victims if we are to move our country forward and it must start with bring justice to the victims of the war and all warlords and those who aided and abetted war crime and the violation International Humanitarian law, including President Sirleaf be brought to justice.



James Marshall

Philadelphia, United States



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  1. I agree totally wit hmr. Marshall. The Vision is nothing but a dream, a pie in the sky to distract us while the rich get richer. This government did not think it needed a Vision in the first 6 years, so why now? Will Vision 2030 fill my stomach or give me electricity. Every human being has a vision for his or her lilfe. it is the circumstances that have to be created, an enabling environment. Liberia lacks that. We cannot even sleep in peace at night while the $15,000 a month crooks sleep with electricity and security guards. Let us not be fooled by tehse slogans that really mean nothing. The next president will come with another vision and so on.


  2. Hey, I just stopped in to visit your blog and thought I’d say I had a great visit.


  3. Well I think we have to give Vision 20 30 a chance



  1. Woauiy
  2. Ve may bay gia re

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