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Liberia: George Weah Faces Expulsion from Party………..

Former FIFA World Best player and soccer icon turned politician George Weah faces expulsion this Saturday from the grassroot party he led since 2005 participating in two elections.Classified leak from the core circles of the party  disclosed that their former standard bearer  and party leader will be expelled on Saturday during  its “Million Men March” ceremonies along with others the leak says are ” Weah’s gangs” from the party.

Tearing the Regrets of Politics

The party again took party in the October 2011 elections and came second place but boycotted the runoff on grounds that the election was fixed at all account to re-elect Africa’s first democratic female President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to a second term.  violence  marked the 2011 runoff election and some members of the party lost their lives from live and indiscriminate shooting by Liberian government security forces into the gathering of the opposition CDC partisans who had gathered at their headquarters for a mass rally.

Source from the “Million Men March”  disclosing with anonymity  Liberia’s famous son and leader of the  country’s grassroot party  embattlement culminated from many obstacles with the recent being the choas which surrounded the party’s last weekend convention held in Tubmanburg, the western part of Liberia where Mr Weah is accused of manipulating the convention to bring out his hinge men as new leaders of the party.


The soccer legend retired from active football in 2005 five to take a new journey in politics though a first time comer, Weah was chosen to lead his generation to reclaim the future of their country and was elected standard bearer of Liberia’s populous and grassroot party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) which took part in the country 2005 elections. The party lost in the runoff to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf after having won the first round by a 28% of the votes.stalwarts also said the decision expel their former standard bearer and acting standard bearer come against the backdrop from news circulating the the country that Mr. Weah is entering into a deal President Sirleaf’s son, Robert Sirleaf to team up with him in 2017 election as running mate on the party’s ticket, a move which they vowed won’ t happen under their watch.



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