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Liberia’s Opposition Party U S Branch Gets New Leadership, Out-going Chairman Slams Pres. Sirleaf Gov’t

Liberia’s main opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC-USA) United States branch, over the weekend elected new leadership at the 3rd national convention in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States.

(CDC-USA), new leadership

The out-going chairman of Liberia’s main opposition party United States branch, Christopher Wisner in his last address as chairman to the convention slammed President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration of nepotism, elitism

Christopher Wisner

, and other vices.

Addressing his partisan Mr Wisner said Liberia opposition parties must retire the culture of going into oblivion after an election and wait for another election to emerge as a political arty to contest.

The new leadership elected to steer the affairs of the party USA branch  for two years over the weekend includes, Mr. Isaac Vah Turkpa, Chairman, Arthur Zakama, Vice Chairman for Administration, J. Max Jardia, Vice Chairman

for Operation and Mr. Piso Saydee-Tarr,  Secretary General, among others

 The election which in the new leadership of the party is regarded as the most democratic ever in the history of the party unlike the mother party in Liberia, Congress for Democratic Change, CDC whose election few months ago went into chaos and state security had to go in to calm the riot that broke out between partisans and supporters of both candidates who were seeking the

chairmanship of the party. The fighting broke out between supporters of both one of the candidates for the chairmanship, Mr. Gould and George Solo, chairman elect. The defeated candidates and supporters  accused the party leader, George Weah of manipulating the election to impose his friend as chairman through  dubious and undemocratic conduits. The conflict has escalated to fashion where those felt  disenfranchise have resulted to forming a splatter faction of the party by forming what they consider “Alternative National Congress (ANC).

The defeated candidate for Chairman of CDC-USA, Mr. Yadaa Wloti Hne, congratulated his opponent elected to the chairmanship by a two to one margin and categorize the election democratic and emphasized it is the democracy they have long yielded for which came to fruition, underscoring that it is that democracy the party wishes to  unravel in Liberia and lead the people into freedom.

Below is full audio of CDC-USA Convention, including the out-going chairman’s speech, announcement of election result, victory and defeat speeches of candidate.



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