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Liberia: Hundreds Denied Job Opportunity as Former Auditor General Blocked From Establishing Company

Liberia’s unemployment rate is  85% with many young people unable to get a job and barely have food on the table by day’s end, yet astonishingly enough, the former Auditor General of the country, John Morlu is being blocked from establishing an accounting firm in the country which would had provided hundreds of job opportunity for his countrymen.

The former Auditor General is being blocked from establishing his accounting firm in Liberia  by the country’s President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  who fears that if he is allowed to establish a company in the country and provides job opportunities to Liberians,  it would boost his chances of becoming the next President to succeed her and he could go after her by supporting the  call for the establishment of a  War Crimes Tribunal for her role in the civil war of her country, supports the National Independent Human Rights Commission and implement the recommendations of the  Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC), and prosecute  corruption cases  he recommended during his tenure as Auditor General of the country.

Mr. Morlu is also being blocked on accounts that President Sirleaf fears if the former Audit General becomes the next President she could spend her last days in prison  because she  believes she could be indicted and prosecuted by a War Crimes Court for her role in the country’s 14-year civil war led by war crimes convict, Charles Taylor.

Verified information gathered validates that Mr. Morlu secured a mega million dollars auditing contract with the United States government to conduct audit of their programs and projects spanning several countries including Haiti, Timor Leste, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Ghana. Thus far,  he has already established 21 posts in Ghana and 12 posts in Haiti which could translate to thousands of job opportunities for citizens of those countries.

Mr. Morlu, according  the verified information is appalled and disappointed that he is  providing job opportunities for citizens of other countries and sadly because of the President’s indifference to  his professional work during his tenure as Auditor General could be construed as venom  used to stifle and strangulate employment opportunities for  Liberians who need job so desperately considering the huge unemployment rate in the country where 9 out every 10 Liberians do not have a job.

The former Liberian Auditor General is forced to use Ghana as his main headquarters rather than his own country because  of President Sirleaf’s covert tactic which our source says the former Auditor General believes is tantamount to jeopardizing, politicizing, and personalizing  his  professional work,  the company, and his clients’ interest. It is unsettling, the verified source revealed that Mr. Morlu who had come to be an inspiration to this country and the African continent for his splendid and uncompromising fight to purge his country and the larger African continent of corruption, is sadden that the Ghanaian government and people will invitingly welcome him and accelerate the establishment of his company but unthinkably, his country would drive him away, depriving the suffering people of Liberia employment to better their lives.

Liberia would had benefited from about twice the employment size of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) he was headed  which stood  at about 500 employees during his leadership. Mr. Morlu, according to the verified source which  is accorded anonymity, is advised to stay out of Liberia for now  for his own safety and this is why he has yet to go back to the country after many attempts to do so since he left  about a ago now.

The former Liberian Auditor General made head wave as top of the General Auditing Commission, a public institution charged by law to audit all government expenditures, finances, and asserts by breaking away from the tradition of auditing in Liberia where  bribes, friendship, and connection could compromise the nation’s interest. His tough and relentless vision to raid his country of corruption and hold corrupt officials accountable scored him as enemy to public officials, including the President though the larger Liberian public and international community adored his work.  Mr. Morlu was relieved of his post after President Sirleaf refused to renew contract when his tenure  eroded on grounds that she had philosophical indifference in the manner in which he executed his job though she lauded him for his integrity and professionalism.

Mr. Morlu recommended many top public officials for prosecution for corruption, some of whom were top aides and close  friends to the President  and she is yet to act on the hundreds of recommendations but instead, those very public officials  have been reshuffled and recycled to other functions and institutions in the government .

The former Liberian Auditing General is credited to had turned the least and ordinary Liberian young  folks who had nothing to do but walked the streets of the capitol in poverty into world class auditors and are revered in the country and around Africa. He is also credited for improving the human resource of his country by sending over 40 plus young Liberians who were his employees to obtain advance education, many of whom have either completed or are completing their graduates studies abroad; a success story no one public official can replicate and he accomplished all that in the course of his four-year tenure.


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