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Filmmaker of ‘The Ambassador’ to Face Extradition to Liberia, Prez Sirleaf Promises as Film Gets World Acclaim

The Danish documentary filmmaker and journalist, Mads Brugger who the Huffington Post referred to as the most provocative filmmaker in the world,  recent documentary film, ‘The Ambassador’ meant to explore and uncover  blood diamond and corruption in Africa as well as the corrupt diplomatic culture on the continent, has sparked a huge firestorm and embarrassment for the African continent and Liberia  withe the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, President  Ellen Johnson

-Sirleaf’s government  caught in the middle of the corruption stunt.

In a Huffington Post interview, Mads Brugger, a renown Danish journalist said  he bought a Liberian diplomatic title with the purpose to infiltrate  the Central African Republic (CAR)  as Liberia’s Consul General to expose the illegal blood diamond trade — and the corrupt world of CAR officials, bogus businessmen and shady European and Asian diplomats that it benefits.

The purchasing of diplomatic title from the Liberian government under the disguise of representing Liberia as Consul General in th Central African Republic is

Bruger with former  Liberian Foreign Minister

a big nightmare for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as press is mounting on the Liberian leader to take action by bringing to justice those corrupt officials who Mads Brugger bought to end him Consul General and Ambassador at-large to the Central Africa Republic (CAR) which he used as cover to secretly shoot his film, equipped with concealed cameras.

Mr. Brugger said stunt first victims were Liberian government officials, beginning with a renown cooperate lawyer, Varney Sherman and Chairman of Liberia’s ruling party, the Unity Party giving $USD,000.00 to facilitate him acquire Liberia’s Consul General title.

The Ambassador documentary film has taken Liberia by storm so much so that the controversial and impact on the country’s image has coerced President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to grant a rare interview with of the country’s daily, asserting anger about the film and accused  Mr. Brugger act as criminal, promising to seek justice against the Danish filmmaker for purchasing diplomatic title from the country.

President Sirleaf’s party Chairman, Cllr. Varney Sherman has acknowledged that he received USD$35,000.00 as service fees from Mads Brugger with the intent to help him acquire LIberia’s Consul General post to the Central Africa Republic and he introduced  the Danish journalist to the minister of Affairs to facilitate him get the post. The ruling party chairman however said after many interaction ad transaction, he gave back Mr. Brugger USD$30,000.00 by issuing a check fr the bank account of him and his wife through one Abraham Swaray.

Though President Sirleaf vowed to pursue Mr. Brugger and wish to extradite him to Liberia to face charges, wish might not even reached a pinch of reality considering entrenched Mads is known for this sort of prank, th Liberian leader showed no serious desire and effort bring her own officials who are right in her country and who has has the power to sanction for their role in the sale of Liberia diplomatic post.

Her party chairman, Cllr. Varney Sherman is still in the country and active on his post and the former Foreign Minister Macintosh Garweah is serving as Vice President of the  Economic Community of West AfricAn States, (ECOWAS),   a regional body of 16 west African nations. The Liberian leader said her government failed to do due diligence in vetting Mr. Brugger was and she asserted during her interview that Mr. Brugger did not use his real name which made it even more difficult to vet him. But from investigation and viewing the passport the Liberian government issued Mr. Brugger, it carries full name, Mads Johan Brugger, aka, (Cortzen). The President’s assertion give reason why r. Brugger could put up hist stunt because it it takes was te President’s office to google Mads Brugger’s name and they would had seen his voluminous works.

Brugger’s latest stunt brings two the stunts he has put off. North Korea was another country he  infiltrated and explored the secret  of the North Korea. The red chapel, about  which won  award at Sundance film festival in 2010.

Click to watch ‘The Ambassador: “http://youtu.be/ezGSIUxOKxg

Mads Brugger filmmaker exposing corruption is an embarrassment for Liberia n Africa but it is yet to see how Liberia handles this controversy.

The Ambassador film opens on August 29, 2012 and showing in 40 cinemas, it is also available in DVD, beginning August 3, 2012. The film  has gotten world acclaim.

See Mads’ full interview with the Huffington Post:



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