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Liberia: Blocking Ex-Auditor General from Establishing Company is No Wicked Fabrication, Publisher Stands By Story.

The New Dispensation on July 30, 2012, carried a story with caption, ‘Hundreds Denied Job Opportunity as Former Auditor General Blocked from Establishing Company’; the

Pres Sirleaf appearance before US Congress
June 19, 1990

publication asserted the Liberian President blocked the former Auditor General from opening an accountant firm  in Liberia. The article also gave the applied justification employed by the Liberian leader to stop a Liberian citizen from offering job opportunities to the suffering people of the country who need employment so desperately when unemployment in the country is  about 85% but forced to carry his business to Ghana providing about 1000 jobs instead to Ghanaian citizens instead.

The New Dispensation has noted the Liberia leader reaction to our July 30, 2012 published in a  local Liberian daily in which she characterized the publication as  “Wicked fabrication meant to blackmail her”. The management ‘The New Dispensation’ wishes to reaffirm and defend its publication that the story carried on July 30, 2012 is true and correct and stands by the story.

The management of “The New Dispensation” will not  fabricate a story from obscurity publish a story which has no salinity or existence. The story was vetted, verified and our source credible with impeachable integrity thereby meeting the high editorial standard and investigative guidelines a story must reach as set by management before a story is considered for publication.

Satisfied with the integrity of our July 30, 2012 publication, we hereby reaffirm and standby the publication refuting the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s characterization of the  story as a  “wicked fabrication meant to blackmail her”.

The New Dispensation is a news and information outlet whose purpose is to report developments which transcend regular talk or issues to attaining “news worthiness”.

We have done our part by verifying the story and reaffirm that the story is true and we standby it; Liberian dailies too must do their part by asking some hard questions  including why;

1. is it true that the former Auditor General, John Morlu has or sitting up his business in other countries?

2. ascertain why the former Auditor General will not prefer establish his business in his own country or did he ever initially planned to establish his entity in Liberia?

3. Does he wish to operate in Liberia rather than Ghana?

The mere refutation by a politician of a story, especially a career politician, does not mean the story indeed is a fabrication, meant to blackmail. If the Liberian leader wishes to convince her countrymen that the story carried on July 30th is wicked fabrication, meant to blackmail, she needs to reconcile her appearance at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearing where  under oath, she denied ever supporting war crime convict Charles Taylor and his barbaric war. The President  is on record in the archive of  the United States Congress for lobbying that body on June 19, 1990, calling on the U S Government to support the war and Taylor, arguing  the war was the only option they had to remove  the late President  Doe from power and  to convince that august body of the legitimacy of the war,  she took pride of the conscription of child soldiers in the fighting.





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  1. If the story about Morlu is true, stick to it and give more details. If you stray away to include the president’s appearance at the TRC, then the story itself becomes a witchhunt and loses credibility.

    We have to be wise and sober when reminding Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of her obligations to the Liberian people.


  2. Ellen must step down, she is not a good leader. How can you stop a fellow Liberian from opening business in Liberia, she is as wicked as the devil himself.
    She must leave at all cost. She don’t have the country and its people interest at heart.


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