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Liberia: Robert Kirby, Embattled Nominee, Confirms as Auditor General By Senate Tomorrow

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has quietly re-submitted embattled nominee, Robert Kirby to head the General Auditing Commission after his nomination got in controversy about ten months ago for submitting phony resume and lying about his knowledge of finance and accounting. Mr Kirby was also found to  had forged his resume by inserting in his resume that he was a college professor at a college in Atlanta, George but after verification, it was established that he was never a professor at the college and had no accounting or  financial knowledge.

Mr. Kirby  nomination went into oblivion after his fraud was discovered, embarrassing the Liberian President who nominated  him to replace a very potent Auditor General, John Morlu who and the President felled apart because  of his uncompromising stance in fighting corruption.

According to a leak from the Senate, the Liberian leader quietly and secretly re-submitted Mr. Kirby for renomination as Auditor General of Liberia and was set to be confirmed by the Senate tomorrow through the lens of political maneuvering before the public knew it.

The New Dispensation has contacted the Ministry of Information and some Senators to confirm the story but did not get a response up to press time.





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  2. If this man is confirmed by the senate it is a clear indication that the senators are men without integrity. I’m ashame of them.


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