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President Sirleaf Suspends Officials for……..

Press Release                                                                            


 Monrovia, Liberia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has, with immediate effect, suspended 46 government officials for failing to declare their assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

At the time of their respective appointment to various positions in government, the affected officials were mandated to declare their assets within 14 days as of the date of their appointment.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the suspension will remain in force until President Sirleaf receives confirmation from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission that they have met the Assets Declaration requirements.

Before being reinstated, the suspended officials will be required to pay into government revenue an amount representing the value of their salaries and allowances for the period of suspension.

Those suspended are, as follows:

Hon. E. Othello Gongar Commissioner, Governance Commission

Hon. Wissedi Sio-Njoh Commissioner, National AIDS Commission

Amb. Alhaji G. V. Kromah Amb.-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amb. David Anderson Chief of Protocol/Executive Mansion

Hon. Micah Wilkins Wright Deputy Minister/Solicitor General (MOJ)

Hon. William Greaves Consul General, New York (MOFA)

Hon. Charles E. Sirleaf Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Liberia

Hon. Albert K. Chelly Deputy Director for Operations (DEA)

Hon. Rose E. Stryker Deputy Director for Administration (LNP)

Hon. Boi Bleaju Boi Deputy Director General for Operations (LFS)

Hon. Robert W. Budy Deputy Commissioner for Operations (BIN)

Hon. Nathaniel Sie Hodge – Deputy Director for Special Services (NSA)

Hon. Daryl Ambrose Nmah Director-General/Liberia Broadcasting System

Hon. Hattie Wureh-Hunder Deputy Director General/Administration (LBS)

Hon. Ledgerhood Rennie Deputy Director General for Broadcasting (LBS)

Hon. Peter F. Zaizay Deputy Commissioner for Administration (BIN)

Dr. Wvannie Scott-McDonald General Administrator (JFKMC)

Hon. Dr. Billy C. Johnson Chief Medical Officer (JFKMC)

Hon. A. Richelieu Mitchell Registrar, Cooperative Development Agency (CDA)

Hon. Dr. Moses Zinnah Dep. Minister for Planning andDevelopment (MOA)

Hon. Sam G. Russ Dep. Minister for Operations (MLM&E)

Hon. Magdalene Dagoseh Asst. Minister for Planning & Dev. (MoGD)

Hon. Saye Dahn Baawo Asst. Minister for Curative Services (MoH&SW)

Hon. Patrick M’Bayo Asst. Minister for Youth Development (MY&S)

Hon. Augustine V. Kimber Asst. Minister for General Administration (MOE)

Hon. Israel C. Davies Assistant Minister for European Affairs (MOFA)

Hon. Cllr. Augustine C. Fayiah Assistant Minister for Litigation (MOJ)

Hon. Benedict F. Sannoh Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs (MOJ)

Hon. James K. Kanneh Assistant Director for Special Services (NSA)

Hon. Frank O. Nyekan Assistant Director, Executive Protective Service

Hon. Louise McMillian Asst. Minister for Culture (MICAT)

Hon. Peter G. Roberts, Sr Asst. Minister for Research & Dev. (MIA)

Hon. Wellington Geevon Smith Superintendent, River Cess County (MIA)

Hon. Etweda Cooper Superintendent, Grand Bassa County (MIA)

Hon. Daniel G. Johnson Superintendent, River Gee County (MIA)

Hon. Samuel F. Browne Superintendent, Bomi County (MIA)

Hon. J. Milton Teahjay Superintendent, Sinoe County (MIA)

Hon. Christiana Dagadu Superintendent, Nimba County (MIA)

Hon. Selena Polson Mappy Superintendent, Bong County (MIA)

Hon. Allen M. Gbowee Superintendent, Gbarpolu County (MIA)

Hon. Ernest Gray Davis Asst. Supt. for Development, Bomi County (MIA)

Hon. Philip T. Jah Asst. Supt. for Dev. River Gee County (MIA)

Hon. Yassah G. Karmo-Fallah Asst. Supt. for Dev., Gbarpolu County (MIA)

Hon. Anthony B. Sheriff Asst. Supt. for Dev., Bong County (MIA)

Hon. Sylvester S. Lama Asst. Supt. for Dev., Montserrado County (MIA)

Hon. Alvin Sampson Cephas Asst. Supt for Dev., River Cess County (MIA)

Meanwhile, the heads of government parastatals are requested by the President to extend the suspension to other officials not appointed by her but who are required to declare their assets. Such officials include comptrollers and financial officers.




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