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Liberia: NOCAL’S Consultative Forum in Rhode Island Controversy Reaches State Department, Country’s Embassy Distances Itself

Nathan Biah
LCARI President

The little West African nation of Liberia is yet another African nation that is gearing to becoming member of OPEC  by the recent discovery of oil. The  country state owned oil corporation, National Oil Company(NOCAL) in charge of the oil last weekend toured four states in the United States including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Washington DC.

A Liberian residing in Rhode Island, Mrs. Nellie Savice has filed a formal complaint with the United States Department of State. Mrs Savice complaint argued the US State Department to investigate the action of the Liberian government and   Mr. Nathan Biah, President   of the Liberian Community Association for forcing her out of a Liberian public forum.

Mrs. Nellie Savice

Mrs Savice who contacted this outlet yesterday disclosed that the State Department has contacted her through  Ms. Alicia Stewart, Desk Officer for Liberia informing her of the severity  of her complaint because it constitutes discrimination which the department takes very seriously. The Liberian resident of Rhode Island concluded that the State Department official informed her that the State Department has already communicated with the Liberian embassy in Washington DC  about her complaint.  Mrs. Savice said the Liberian embassy has also contacted her through George Williams who told her they  attach  keen focus on her case and has since forwarded it to the Liberian Foreign Ministry.

Mrs. Savice said  the Liberian embassy informed  her that they were not aware or involve in the NOCAL’s forum and had no clue about what was attaining  relative to the forum or a Liberian delegation being in the United States on a government mission.

On his version of the controversy implicating the Liberian community President of Rhode Island, Mr. Biah when contacted through his spokesman, Nathan Nagbe,  said at no time  did police talk to Mrs. Savice or ask her to leave but it was the custodian of the building who in fact asked her to leave because the premise was a private ownership though the program was a  public forum in nature.

Mr. Nagbe went further by saying that they had gathered intelligence that Mrs. Savice went to the Hall to disrupt the forum and they came to the conclusion to use preëmption to  get her out of the forum before it commence to avoid disruption but noted she did not engage in any disruption at the time but was quietly sitting in her seat like the rest of  the audience there waiting for the program to get started.

NOCAL’S consultative forum held in the state of Rhode Island is now becoming the epiphany of the United States tour as  controversy, outrage and outcry the company’s United States tour has come to ruin the purpose of NOCAL’s mission as  Mrs. Nellie Savice  injection out of the forum by Providence police on orders of Nathan Biah, President of the Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island, LCARI informing the  police Mrs. Savice  was not welcomed at the NOCAL’s forum because it was his private program a though she told the police Mr Biah was misinforming them, it was rather a public event  organized by the Liberian government.

Mrs Savice maintained, the Liberian community President insisted the forum indeed his private event and contacted the custodian of the building who corroborated Mr. Biah’s version, confirming that the Liberian community President informed them that the program was his his private event for children who are returning to school. Mrs. Savice said because the custodian corroborated Mr. Biah’s version of the story, the police instructed her to leave the building.

Mrs Savice has accused the Mr. Biah of  planning the forum in secrecy and only informing few of his hinge men who got to the forum and not asked tough questions or convey the sentiments Liberians have concerning  their country’s oil wealth as they see it being pawned to foreign firms and individuals while leaving a privilege few laughing to the banks at the detriment of the country.

The Liberia state owned oil entity United States tour might not had achieved the anticipated outcome they envisioned as outrage and outcry  overwhelmed the consultative forum with the chairmanship of NOCAL in the hands of the son of the Liberian President.



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  1. Let it be known to all men that the oil in Liberia does not belong to a privilege few, no Liberian is more Liberian than other Liberians, those who think they can mess with our oil money and go scout free must think twice. Liberians can no longer be taken for granted. BE WARNED


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