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Liberia Gets New Auditor General, Robert Kilby is Confirmed Despite Allegation of Credentials Tampering

The Liberian Senate  yesterday confirmed Mr. Robert Kilby as Auditor General  of the country through a microwave process, the quickest ever in recent memories. Mr. Kirby’s confirmation came just in thirty-five minutes after the Senate Committee on Audits and Accounts  headed by professor  Edward Dagoseh of Grand Cape Mount County of the ruling Unity Party after the Plenary received instruction from the Committee.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Monday re-submitted Mr. Robert Kilby to the Senate for confirmation after his initial nomination hit rock- bottom last year when it was discovered his credentials submitted to the Senate had disturbing discrepancies.

The Liberian Senate  was shocked to had noticed  during Mr. Kilby’s initial confirmation when they realized  he had  two barchelor degrees on his curriculum vitae  which were determined to be bogus. Mr. Kilby however blamed the country’s  agency in charge of the recruitment (Civil Service Agency) at the time of inserting  the improprieties on his curriculum vitae and said he believed it was an oversight, adding ” it may have been an oversight by the CSA, but the curriculum vitae he  presented to them does not say he had a double bachelor degrees”.

In his agency defense, Dr. William Allen, Director General of the Civil Service Agency dismissed Mr. Kilby’s assertion and said the Curriculum Vitae was submitted to the Senate by Mr. Kilby himself.  Mr. Kilby informed the Liberian Senate that he did not  have an  accounting   or  finance master degree  and or a double Bachelor degrees,  the  cardinal stipulation the CSA had on the vacancy bulletin   posted. The bulletin stipulated that   applicants for consideration must have at least  undergraduate degree in accounting, management or other related discipline from a recognized,and accredited university. Certifications of  CPA, CA, CFE, CMA or other  equivalent.

Mr. Kilby was also found to had attributed more improprieties in his curriculum vitae by claiming he is licensed by  the American Institute of Certified Public Accounting (AICPA) even though that institution by mandate does not issue licenses but instead such licenses is under the purview  of each state, county, and district Boards of Accountancy.

Mr. Kilby’s confirmation and subsequent taking over at the General Auditing Commission of the country did not settle the disturbing discrepancies in his curriculum vitae but in a communication to the Liberian Senate in re-nominating Mr Kilby to serve as Auditor General, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said, 

“although the Acting Auditor General and the Deputy Auditor General have both indicated a desire to be named, I consider it only fair to revert to the recommendations that came out of the professional recruitment process which included representatives of two of our external partners by nominating, herewith, for confirmation by the honorable Liberian Senate Mr. Robert L. Kilby as Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia.”

The new Auditor General will be replacing Mr. John Morlu, an astute and outstanding Auditor General who earned the respect of Liberians and international community for his forthright performance as Auditor General and was the frontline general who led a group of talented and patriotic ordinary Liberians to lead the effort of putting the country’s fiscal house in order which culminated into Liberia’s debt waiver by the international community.

Mr. Morlu was let go by the Liberian leader as she said  “we did not always agree with the way Mr. Morlu performed his job, including an indictment that our Government was three times more corrupt than its predecessors, even before he officially commissioned his very first audit. Mr. Morlu was uncompromising in fighting corruption in Liberia and made himself enough enemies within government who could not wait to see him out and when his contract came for renewal, President Sirleaf  refused to hire him for a second term.

The confirmation of Mr Kilby as Auditor General of Liberia will diminish the trust, integrity and morale of the General Auditing Commission and consequentially affect efficiency and productivity,  revered pillars the commission is built on by Mr. Morlu and team of auditors. Mr. Kilby’s appointment and subsequent confirmation defy the core principles upon which the post of Auditor general,  accountancy, finance, and management is pivoted on as Mr. Kilby himself is the embodiment of the contradiction of those principles.

Sure, the General Auditing Commission of Liberia is dead and regrettably, the Liberian Senate, led by a professor, Senator Edward Dagoseh who knows better and  by statute is empowered to balance weird presidential action as the case of Mr. Kilby, has presented itself, would elect to embarrass an entire nation to confirm Mr. Kilby who in fact should had been charged with contempt for lying to that body and   prosecuted for submitting questionable curriculum vitae which up to his confirmation remains doctored as he presented it.


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  1. What a disgrace? This government is indeed not ready to fight corruption.


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