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Liberia: Trouble Breeding at Country’s Auditing Commission, Deputy Furious, Tells Pres Sirleaf Confirmed Auditing General is a Fraudster and Impostor

Acting Director Nanka

Barely  after a week  of his confirmation as the new Auditor General of Liberia, Mr. Robert Kilby has come under attack from his would-be immediate deputy,  Acting Auditor General Mr. Winsley Nanka. Acting Auditing  Mr Nanka attack on the new Auditor General came in an email to the Harvard educated and Noble Peace Laureate  President  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. In his email, the  Acting Auditing  General and would-be  immediate deputy to the new director,  complained to the Liberian leader that her appointee  Mr. Robert Kilby,  is an “academic  fraudster and  impostor”.

Confirmed Auditor General
Robert Kilby

According to a local Liberian daily of August 29, 2012  publication, the country’s Acting  Auditing General informed President Sirleaf that Mr. Kilby’s resume is an imposture colored with academic fraud cooked up to suit him acquire the job as the country’s Auditing General but distant from the “basis of the criteria set in the advertisement for the post of Auditing General”. The Acting General further told President Sirleaf there are potential fraud in Mr. Kilby’s resume, refuting  the confirmed Auditing General’s claims that he was a professor at Devry University in the United States contained in his own internet publication.

Mr. Nanka in his email told the Liberian leader he was not questioning her constitutional prerogative to appoint whoever wishes to but asserted as a Liberian citizen “I have the right to protest the result as it was observed that the process had significant deficiencies”.

The soon would-be deputy to the new Auditing General said the only accomplishment of Mr. Kilby is his Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) listed in his resume but  said CIPT does not require examination, clarifying that it is based on “lifelong” experience as Mr. Kilby claims has CPA from the  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA).  The new Auditor General is not a Certified Fraud Examiner and no extensive experience in financial regularities and forensics, necessary requirements of Auditor General, Mr Nanaka told President Sirleaf.

Mr. Nanka communication to  President Sirleaf acquainted the Noble Peace laureate that the vetting process conducted by the Civil Service Agency(CSA),was dubious, insisting that the Director of the CSA,  William Allen 2011 press conference relevant to the selection of the new Auditor General  intentionally misled  the country on his qualification and the process which he said was fair, transparent, competitive  and the qualified candidate was selected. Mr. Nanka told the Liberian President that the vetting process was in fact a fabrication and Mr. William himself should had rescued himself  from the vetting process because he was indicted by the commission on corruption at the nation’s port authority.

Mr. Kilby has come under sharp criticism and huge public outcry since his  nomination last year for credentials tampering and academic fraud which interrupted his confirmation last year at the Liberian Senate. President Sirleaf re-submitted him on Monday to the Senate and was subsequently confirmed last Thursday in thirty five minutes, a process which has come to  be known in Liberia circles  as a “microwave confirmation”, the first of its kind in recent memories.

Mr. Kilby did not reconcile the credential discrepancies and academic fraud accusation but the Liberian leader re-submitted him for confirmation.



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