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Liberia: ” Senate 2014, Weah vs Debah”, A Plot to Retire Opposition Leader and Soccer Icon From Politics Uncovered

They are considered by their countrymen legends and heroes of  football (soccer) and pillars of the country’s football success story in the 1980s before their country felled into a brutal civil war and kept the torch burning while carnage ripped off their country.  But these two giants,  it seems are about to re-ignite the country’s  club football rivalry all over again, this time on the political stage.

Goerge Weah

The purported  re-ignition of club soccer rivalry is revealed in a  plot to retire soccer legend and opposition leader George Weah from politics in Liberia orchestrated by the ruling Unity Party government  has been uncovered. Revealing the plot recently, a top co-conspirator of the  plot and top inner cycle of  the Unity Party  administration and close confidant  of the Sirleaf family confided that a well orchestrated ploy has been hashed and the secret recipe is to entice the  Liberian opposition leader, George Weah of the Congress for the Democratic Change (CDC) to run for Senate in the country’s by-election scheduled for 2014.

James Debah, Left & Pres. Sirleaf

The concocted plot the source says, is fixated to embarrass the Liberian opposition leader and make him an irrelevant factor in the country’s politics because if he runs for the Senate, it will be the lowest and tripled down public office he will be contesting  for after unseccessfully running for President against President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2005 and Vice President in 2011 respectively.  “For an opposition leader and iconic as Mr. Weah is, coming down  to contest that low a public office will embarrass and demoralize the soccer legend turned politician and ultimately force him into retirement and out of politics for good”, an observer conceded.

The plotters believe that with the proportional popularity and celebrity influence backed of  James Debah, backed by a vault of astounding and unparalleled finances, the soccer celebrity will obliterate and crush Mr. Weah in the by election, sending him parking into retirement because  he would had reached a dead end in his political career.

George Weah and James Debah are both soccer legends and celebrities in Liberia and were teammates on the country’s national team, the “Lone Star”;  their combined talents

Liberia’s Lone Star 80s Squad
Back roll, from left to right, Debah & Weah
1st from left on front roll.

  took Liberia to international attention, pride, and acclaim in the 1980s which catapulted  Mr. Weah on the international scene in soccer. Mr Weah success led to him winning the  Federation of International Football (FIFA) highest achievement,”World Best”  and European Footballer of the Year, all in 1994. He was the first African soccer player to ever accomplish those milestones  but unfortunately never played a in world Cup.

The matching up of the two soccer legends will re-ignite  Liberia’s soccer club rivalry between the Mighty Barrolle and Invincible Eleven. The soccer rivalry between both teams  defines the country’s soccer   and by their projection,  Mr. Weah could be at the losing end since he has been  in politics  and has a lot of political liabilities which James Debah won’t have to worry about because  he never contested for public office.


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  1. Debbah was in fact more illustrious than Weah during their soccer days.Whatever made Weah popular over Debbah will come to light. It is known though but will come to light because darkness can not overpower light. Debbah is academically fit than Weah, so why wouldn’t he win?


  2. Weah,must go back to the drawing board if he must continous his political career.I believed that there are things that he needs to learn/know about.This must not be a matter of pride,if he constest for the senate,his eyes will be widely open with great experience,then now he can launch for his desired ambition


  3. Under no condition can Debbah beat Weah in an election especially in Montserrado, you joking mehn



  1. Liberia: ” Senate 2014, Weah vs Debah”, A Plot to Retire Opposition Leader and Soccer Icon From Politics Uncovered « The New Dispensation

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