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Liberia: Ruling Party Secretary General Admits to Nepotism and Corruption in Government


Left, President middle w/ son Robert
at immediate left

<!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–>The Secretary General of the ruling Unity Party in Liberia, Mr. Wilmot Paye has acknowledged that nepotism and corruption have characterized the Government of Nobel Peace Laureate, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Secretary General Paye made the stunning admission yesterday  morning in the Liberian capitol, Monrovia when he appeared on a local radio, Truth FM talk show. Mr. Paye alluded that the face of nepotism and corruption in the Sirleaf administration is her son, Robert Sirleaf who serves as Adviser to the President as well as Chairman of the  National Oil Company of Liberia, the government agency in charge the country’s oil sector.

The admission of nepotism and corruption in Government by the Secretary General of  the Unity Party led Government is the first high profile voice and  the ruling party’s official  acknowledgment of the vices that are crippling the country’s reconstruction effort despite tremendous out pour of money and support from the international community. The Secretary  General statement lends official credibility to the widespread public outcry about nepotism and corruption being practiced by President Sirleaf.

Liberians have dissipated their frustration about corruption and nepotism and how these vices have permeated the   government. There is a vivid outcry by Liberians, frowning on the appointment 17  family members in Government by the President  including three of her sons, Robert Sirleaf, Charles Sirleaf, and Fumba Sirleaf to strategic and lucrative positions in government.

Mr. Robert Sirleaf is in charge of the oil  country’s oil sector and also serves as  Adviser to the President as well as head of their family owned bank, First International Bank, (FIB)  as Chairman of the Board while Charles Sirleaf is Deputy Governor of the country’s Central Bank and Fumba Sirleaf is the head of security in the country, serving as Minister of National Security.

A cousin of the President is also put in charge of  the mining sector.

The Liberian leader persistently denies the claim of nepotism and corruption in her government and strongly defends her sons’ appointments. For specific defense of Robert Sirleaf, the President  says “he is  qualified and  boast of his 15 years experience  on Wall Street, though she has never specified which specific work he did on Wall Street.

Nobel Peace Laureate co-winner, Leymah Gbowee has also accused the President  of nepotism and corruption, tendering her resignation from the Liberia Reconciliation Initiative she was appointed by the President to head.

The Nobel Peace Laureate said she “regrets not talking against the Liberian leader’s corruption and nepotism”  earlier, adding she could be “considered a coward for not speaking out earlier and her country lacks a moral voice.”

Ms. Gbowee also criticized President Sirleaf for appointing her three sons and other family members in government.

But it  seems the accusation of nepotism and corruption  is  not her worry even though the Liberian leader once admitted it was worrisome  to her but by  her recent action, and  trip to Japan, she took along Robert Sirleaf  and seated him right by her side during the official deliberations of the two governments, that public image is a testament of the President showcasing nepotism and corruption on the global stage.

President Sirleaf refused to prosecute corruption cases brought before her, only to  recycle those who have been accused of corruption to other positions in government.

The General Auditing Commission has indicted several government officials in countless audit reports and recommended them for prosecution but the President is yet to implement and prosecute any of those implicated, leaving them in  the very government they committed their crimes against.


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  3. Few weeks ago, we’ve seen a Liberian citizen who was brutally beaten and killed by the Liberian citizen.However, according to sources ” they said he was caught right-handed army robbering or stealing “Incontrast, corruption I have been use as an obsticle in the current government which is headed by the entire ELLEN’s family mainly her son. What step would the Liberians people take to resolve the issue of stealing in the gov?which the politician describe as corruption. Would they applied the same domestic violence being use on arm robber?


  4. It Ellen!! Remember the sekou Mobutu Gaddafi and Sadam Husein ,please stop the corruption,Liberia are dying in number ,stop implementing the dark side of capitalism,please stop enriching yourself and collaborators .you need not to be corrupt before getting rich,stop killing the people slowly.why corruption is a virus ,then corruption is terrorism ,stop the economic deprivation ,history will remember you judge your generation for the economic crimes. Harvard did not tell you to kill your own people by starvation !!!!!!’


  5. Are there no quqlified applicants accept the President’s sons?


  6. Liberians, where are we heading to? we criticised past leaderships of corruption and nepotism.It seems we are following suit so there is no need to criticise but always try to advice for the betterment of the country.If my membrane can serve me right,it was on one occasion erstwhile president Charles Taylor said”some people passing around here pretending as if they are angels but the day you give them the opportunity they will ride you like a donkey” Taylor seems to be a prophet because what he said in the past is surfacing now but Liberians are just noticing it.


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