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Liberia: 200 Auditors/Analysts to be Fired at Country’s Auditing Commission, New Auditor General Reigns Havoc

Liberia’s new Auditor General who came the post through controversy and scandal  but still  pushed by the country’s President through the Senate is not shying from showing that a new sheriff is in town.

Barely  six months to his appointment, the Auditor General Robert Kilby leadership at the country’s General Auditing Commission is being felt. Auditor General Kilby will relieve 200 auditors and analysts of their jobs.

According  to evidence concealed in anonymity, the nation’s  new auditing chief say he is let go the 200 auditors and analysts because he is embarking on stream lining and re-aligning  the commission. The Auditor General’s decision to dismiss auditors and analysts runs contrary to the European

Union’s manpower development projection it put in place when it took stewardship of the commission by funding and providing working guidance to develop the country financial order and structures and hired a young Liberian professional, John Morlu.  The European Union program helped to rebuild the country financial capacity and it paid off, subsequently rewarding   the country the waiver of its debt by the international community.

The European Union full human development capacity commission was projected to be realized by 2013 by  then 500 employees would had joined the commission workforce and at present, its lag behind about 100 more employees to reach its benchmark. Evidence show that the Auditor General has no such directive from the European Union which fund the commission neither did he consult  them though it still fund the commission.

All employees at the commission were asked to re-apply when Mr. Kilby took office including his two deputies whom were appointed in the same statutory fashion as was and confirmed by the Liberian Senate and the commission being autonomous by law, they cannot be relieve of their post or reassigned until their 4 year tenure runs out once they continue to work within the law and good health.

Evidence available calls into question the rationale of Mr. Kilby’s decision as to why he can ask everyone to re-apply , all of whom are professional auditors who the Liberian government spent hundreds of thousands  to train and educate could be wandering around the commission with nothing do and at the same employee  inexperienced and non auditors from the United States into the commission workforce.

The new Auditor General has created a paralleled employees, evidence revealed by   employing equal numbers of directors and employees who have no idea what an audit or accounting pay them jaw-dropping salaries while the old workers still receive their same that is one fourth what he pays his new workers. As evidence of the salary disparity the new employee receive, all directors were paid US$1,500.00 before his coming to the commission but the Auditor General paralleled directors he appointed are paid US$4,000.00 while the old directors still receive their same salary of US$1,500.00

Mr. Kilby is also being labelled as wasteful and flamboyant Auditor General who doesn’t have a clue what he is doing and despite the government ‘s basic baseline of his recruitment and  its insolvent capacity to retain the US$15,000.00 monthly salary the European Union paid the previous Auditor General, Mrs. Kilby used the autonomous nature of the commission to pay himself $20,000.00 a month and a US$30,000.00 monthly housing. The commission has bought four cell phones in the short time Mr. Kilby took over his job but he refused each of those phones because he consider them good enough for him to use as Auditor General and the phones are there commission not in use because they cannot be returned.

From information available, the Auditor General and his two deputies do not speak unless  it is straightly work-related. Employees speaking under concealment of their identity for fear of reprimand,  say since the new their new boss took over the workplace they were happy to come to, the work  environment has changed with constant intimidation and threats at them everyday from their boss.

“The place has quickly turned into a war zone, you  can see fear in the air and everyone now is being targeted and this  is strange”, an employee said. The new Auditor General travels with four bodyguards, and when he is coming or going out of the building, you see them running all over the place as if it is the president coming, “this place is a mess and better to leave this country because it is spoil”, an employee lamented. Mr. Kilby opted for a brand new luxury car rather than the one the commission had waiting for him.

Auditor General Kilby also pass a new regulation, mandating all report to be customized straightly in sheets only, calling the usually 32 page audit report the commission usually come up with as a “waste”. Mr. Kilby has initiated auditing his commission and hired some accountant firm to conduct the audit.

Employees at the commission are however taken aback because Mr. Kilby self-audit is contrary to laws that established the commission which the exclusive authority to the country’s national Legislature the exclusive authority commission an audit and if such audited is commissioned, the General Auditing Commission cannot audit itself because it is a  supreme auditing entity and can only be audited by an international entity. Sources at the commission say even if audit is commissioned, by law it must be and publicized and international auditing institutions will have to bid for it.

The former Acting Auditing  General, Winsley Nakan in January, “wrote the National Legislature in keeping with law for that body to commission an audit of General Auditing Commission but they have yet to respond to the request, an employee said.

What appears to be a payback at the commission for  the controversial and unusual way  the Auditor General was rushed out of the Senate confirmation is evident in the appointment of the spouse of the Senate Chair on the Executive, Senator Clarice Jah as Human Resource Director, forcing the former director he met there who been with Commission for a long time without the decency to at least honorably discharge him after many years of service to the Commission and country.

The Auditor General took nine armed police officers to work  along with him on Wednesday and employees wondered what all the security but it was later discovered that he took the police officers with him because he was about to officially dismiss the 200 employees  but have to push it for another time when he receive threats, warning him that if he did they would go after him.


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  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact details


  2. I really like reading a post that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


  3. Really impressed! Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues.
    It contains true information. Your website is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing.



  4. I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were handy very useful


  5. The Ellen government refuses to enforce the law on thieves and embezzlers in high places. That is the bad news.

    The good news and the result oriented legacy of Mr. John Morlue, former auditor general of Liberia are: even though the people (as yet) cannot stop Ellen Sirleaf, her troupe of Begotten Sons, and her merry men and women band of highly motivated robbing-hoods and hoodlums, but at least the people know about what, how much, and when they illegally take away, dip deep from the public treasury they vowed to protect and defend and allocate judiciously….

    This is progress because a problem is identified ; it represents a silver lining in a dark cloud of incompetent, corrupt leadership of a political CEO and her government. Surely, there is reason for hope. This corrupt government and president, too, will pass.

    In another time, a middle sibling Tolbert was president. The Older sibling dominated the Legislature with pitbull zeal. The Younger sibling was finance minister, soon becoming the richest industrialist in the country soon after the trio were seated in power and authority. Then, no one knew the extent of theft and embezzlement. Today, we know–at least to an appreciable degree.

    What are Liberians going to do about it? That is the legitimate question and next step.


  6. As I have written in my past postings, Mr. Kilby is incompetent, nepotistic and was only brought into this position by Madam Sirleaf to help cook the financial books of Liberia to protect the criminal empire of the President and her cronies. I hope the Liberian Senate will quickly respond to Mr. Nyanka’a letter of complain to save the integrity of the Auditing Agency and our Nation. The employment of the spouse of Senator Clarice Jah is nepotism in nature because Mr. Kilby and Mr. Jah are either related or hail from the same county. This is wrong and I hope Senator Clarice Jah did not use her influence to get her husband appointed to this position. This Government of Liberia is not a family affairs and Liberians will continue to reject these kinds of behaviours of our elected leaders.


  7. Great! Let them enjoy our hard work taxes for themselves and their families ONLY while poor are suffering.


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    I’ve joined your feed and sit up for searching for more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your web site
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