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Liberians Abroad Take Slain Teacher Tragedy to Social Media/Online as Deceased Body Taken Home Wednesday

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Liberians abroad will tomorrow , November 27, 2012 take the tragedy of one of  their country’s finest, the late Rebecca Wollor, a young and vibrant promising Liberian woan  who was shot plain blank in the head on while her way to teach on the early morning of   November 15, 2012 to social media and online.

The late Rebecca Wollor

Friends and  former classmates of the late Rebecca Wollor have since mobilized Liberians in the Diaspora by setting up the “Rebecca Wollor Burial Fund”  with Bank of America to help give their fellow kinswoman  a decent and respectable burial  eulogizing her astute,  respectable, and heroic life she lived which personified the endangered gold standard of Liberian womanhood.

Tomorrow the eve of the return of the deceased to hr country, Liberia, Liberians abroad are taking the burial fund drive to one of Liberia’s most popular online radio, “LibRadio located in the United States.

Two of the late Rebecca Wollor’s  former schoolmates, and childhood  friends, Yeenea Pinky Daniels of Europe  and Kate Clarke of the United States will appeared as guests on the talk show, “What Shall I Say”, on LibRadio to spearhead  the burial fund drive and highlight the tragedy of their fallen friend, a tragedy she didn’t deserve to suffer by the finest of the life she lived.

Liberians living abroad and at home  as well as people of goodwill are  encouraged to call in to the talk show  and support the “Rebecca Wollor Burial Fund Drive” to their friend and one of Liberia’s finest a burial worth the sacrifices she made to live the decent and astute life she as a young woman and a Liberian.

The late Rebecca Wollor was gunned down in cold blood by a  Ghanaian national in Ghana while on her way to work the early morning of November 15, 2012 in Ada Foah, suburb of Accra, the Ghana capital.

To contribute to the burial fund drive, you can call the show and make your donation or use go online and  the Bank of America account provided below

The deceased fled the war in her country into exile in Ghana and did not abandon her pursuit of education; she graduated from a Ghanaian teachers college and was employed with the Ghana education system, a milestone unprecedented of a foreign national living in Ghana.

Prior to going into exile in Ghana, the deceased attended the St. Teresa Convent High School, a Catholic High School in Liberia, one of the country’s respectable high schools.

The brutal murder of Rebecca in cold blood and the stone-cold silence of the Liberian government has sparked outrage from Liberians, questioning the purpose of their country having embassies around the world and expanding public resources when those embassies and the government itself don’t represent the interest of its citizens when they would not would  conform to their legal responsibility of protecting its citizens at home and  issue abroad.

One media executive described the lackadaisical behavior of Liberian embassies around the world and their government as “leaving you on your own when something wrong  happens to you” …….. but if” Becke” were the daughter of the powerful and well-off in Liberia, I bet you, hell would break loose by now”. She is not an elite and so the government doesn’t care, another Liberian frustrated with the government’s response said.

Do you think if Rebecca was the daughter or grand-daughter of President of President Sirleaf she won’t had gotten involve personally? Yes, she would, a Liberian in the United States said…… the President attends her grand children high school and college graduations here in the United States, what you would do if it were one of them that was brutally murdered, a Liberian commented on the Liberian government inaction on the deceased killing.

The Liberian government is yet to issue her official position on the killing of one of its nationals within the territorial borders of the Ghana Republic by one its citizens. The Liberian embassy too in Ghana has yet to respond to the death of the deceased and a no legal representation made in the trial of the alleged shooter under way in Ghana.

LibRadio management is hosting this live one hour  program free of charge in support of the undertaking and identifying with tragedy and loss of  one their country’s finest.

To contribute to the burial fund drive, you can call the show and make your donation or use go online and  the Bank of America account provided below:

Bank of America

Routing Number: 1110000025

Acct Number: 586028474572

Katy, TX





To call in the show and participate in the program, you can call:

(412) 927-0162

Show time: 9:00 am, EST

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  1. Our International relations needs to be given a boost, because honestly, Liberian are vulnerable in Liberia itself than to think about outside. It’s more like “you’re on your own” mentality. I pray and hope that Rebecca murderer face the full weight of the crime he committed and may God almighty comfort the family and the may the Soul of Rebecca rest in perfect peace.



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