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Liberia: Media Report of Failed Merger Talk Btwn Opposition Party and Country’s Former Auditor General, A Sham to Sell Newspaper. Say…….

Recent news report circulating the West African nation of Liberia that the country’s former Auditor General, John Morlu and the leader of the leading opposition party, George Weah  of the Congress for Democratic Change of

failed talks of merger for a potential tickes 2017 election is a  fabricated story concocted by the management of the newspaper reporting the story and a sham to sell newspaper conceived in greed  exploiting

the current political climate in the country, irrefutable sources close to the former Auditor General confided to this outlet.

The sources, speaking on anonymity, nullified the news report asserting  there had never been any thought conceived by the former Auditor General to run for public  office in 2017 and find it puzzling how a news entity whose responsibility is to also educate the public will purposely cook stories and bet the integrity of journalism on making few bucks”.

“We see a pattern of deception with the sole motive of making money being adopted as a gold standard by some media institutions in running a newspaper”, the sources said. The recent report circulating is just another addendum to a publication captioned in  newspaper  last month that the former Auditor General and Mr. Weah, leader of the Congress for Democratic Change giving the impression that a Presidential ticket was anticipated in 2017 by publishing a photo he reluctantly took with the opposition leader when he was asked when appeared and served  as Keynote Speaker of the party United States chapter in the United States, sources to the Auditor General said.

“Appearing at one political party’s event does not mean Mr Morlu was there for some political interest: he knows no divide, he would even appear to the event of the ruling Unity Party ………….  he knows no divide but the common denominator we all share as Liberians and that common denominator is Liberia  which bound us as one people with a common destiny despite our differences”, our sources concluded.


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