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Republication: An International Recognition of Liberian Cuisines, Prospective of a Liberian Far from the Homeland

Liberia is a nation on the road to recovery from a dreadful civil war and the effect of the war is a tainted image of abuse to humanity. The political, economic and cultural images received a blow to the heart from the fist of the Liberian civil war but one aspect of Liberia was left untouched, and that is Liberian cuisine. I can gladly and proudly state that the Liberian cuisine has held its title as one of the best cuisines in the world since the beginning of time. There are many negative things that can be said about Liberia but not its cuisine. I have not read or heard throughout my years on this planet, a single negative comment about a Liberian dish, and I say this with confidence.

Liberians are well revered for being passionate, and when it comes to Liberian food, there is no exception. Almost every Liberian woman thinks she is a chef; she may not believe she’s a professional chef but a chef in her own right and home. It is expected of her to know how to at least boil some water.
The typical Liberian dish is a balance diet rich with all food groups; carbon hydrates, protein, vegetable and fruits.

Rice and products made from cassava are the most popular starches consumed by Liberians. Most stews are commonly known as soups and they are heavily decorated with poultry, seafood, beef, pork, and a broad collection of meat. Spicy is a normal favor of a typical Liberian dish. The confident of being one of the best cuisines on earth is represented in the favor of the Liberian dishes guided with hospitality.
Liberia also has some stunning beverages to go along with their delicious cuisines. Some of these Liberian made beverages are Palm wine, cane juice, products made from coco cola, and homemade cool aid.
The first step to greatness is personal recognition but it is not the only recognition needed to legally claim the title, “World Best.” Liberians know the greatness of their cuisine and all foreigners who had the privilege to eat a Liberian meal also recognize its great flavor but it is time to take this title to the next level. It is time to be recognized in the international culinary community for our great flavors. We want the Liberian chefs to stand next to the Japanese, Italian, French and American chefs with a native Liberian dish in an international culinary competition.
I am looking forward to inspiring and motivating our talented chefs as part of the Great Muses & Visionaries projects, (Great Muses & Visionaries is a nonprofit organization that promotes Liberian Arts and Culture) among many other projects in the art field.

Culinary is an art and Liberian chefs, like all great artists, can only succeed if he or she is inspired by passion. There is no doubt that a Liberian cuisine is powerful and rich enough to be a part of an international culinary school curriculum.
Liberian food is to be loved by the world and it is time to take it to the next level.

About the Author:
Berenice Mulubah is a Liberian and an author, she has published a book, “Landing Safely on Solid Rock” and a Liberian internet radio presenter, based in the United States, “The B. M. Show” on GlobalAfric (www.globalafric.com) which comes on 8:00 pm Eastern Time

She lives in Okinawa-Shi, Okinawa, Japan.


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