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The New Pope Francis: Vatican and Catholics Have a New Pope

 Pope Chosen: Newly elected Pope Francis I speaks to the waiting crowd from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica. IMAGE

Catholics around the world have new a Pope and he is a humble and low-key Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, ArchBishop of Argentina who chose to be called “Pope Francis”, a personification of his humble spirit and the life he lived, and after Saint Francis of Assisi who live his life in simplicity and poverty.

Pope Francis selection comes in the second day of the congregation the Conclave, the meeting of the college of Cardinal that meet to select a new Pope where there is a void in the Papacy.

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope selected to lead the two billion Catholic around the world and is replacing Pope Benedict XIV who resigned from the Papacy last month, the first of its kind in six hundred years.

Emerging unto the balcony at the St Peter Squard amidst the thousands at the Bascila, the new Pope, and 76 years old asked the Catholics and the world to pray over him as he takes on his new role at the Papacy.

Before his selection to the Papacy, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a Cardinal in Bueno Aires who traded the mansion and high life-style benefiting a Cardinal to a low-key apartment and cooked his own food. He also took the local public transport like many Argentinians do. Pope Francis is an advocate for the poor and his papacy to the Vatican will put the plight of the poor front of his reign.


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