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India Rape Epidemic: Swiss Woman Gang-Raped while on Cycling Tour

Five rapists arrested by MP police in Swiss woman gang-rape, mobile, laptop recovered

India has come on the rape epidemic radar , becoming the world’s most-raped epidemic country when the rape of a 23- year- old student stunt the world and sparked a nationwide outrage from Indian women frowning on the persistent rape Indian women face when they venture out.

But on Saturday, India’s rape epidemic reached and took a  whole new turn when 39-oyear-old Swiss woman was gang raped after a group of men stormed their  forest campsite where she was along with her husband, shortly after visiting Orchha, a temple town in the Indian state of central Madya Pradesh men while on a cycling tour when the men stormed their campsite where she was along with her husband, they also stole a laptop, cellphone and 10,000.00 Rupees.

The Swiss woman was treated in a local hospital and released  but the Swiss Ambassador to India, Linus von Castelmur confirmed the incident and said he has spoken to the couple and demanding  a prompt investigation from the Indian authorities.

Indian police, through  Deputy Police Inspector D. K. Arya on Sunday, announced the arrest of five men whom they say have confessed to gang-raping the Swiss woman. twenty men have also been  arrested believed to have played a role in the rape.

The police inspector said the men beat the of husband of the Swiss woman and rape her in his presence. The couple was on a three-month cycling journey  from Mumba to New Dehli to the,  Taj Mahal in Agra.

The Indian has come under sharp criticism from the international and from the Indian people who better measures be put in place to protect the women in India.


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