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Coupe d’état: President Sirleaf to be Toppled, Notorious Warlord Reveals Opposition’s Plot

Ex-Warlord Prince Johnson in Monrovia after his INPFL took the city

While the world community lavishes unfettered adoration on Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf under the euphoria of Africa’s first female President and feels all is well, the country is rapidly degenerating back into its abyss less than  a decade after cessation of a prolong civil war causing the loss of about 350,000 Liberian lives which ended in 2003 and democratic election held in 2005 bringing the President to power.

Recent development unfolding in Liberia paints a dark picture for the fragile peace the country is enjoying mend by United Nations peacekeepers as  the country’s former notorious warlord and now Senator, Prince Y Johnson who barbarically slain former President Samuel Doe  revealed that the opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is plotting to overthrow the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The former rebel leader accused the opposition of plotting to overthrow the Sirleaf government using the  disguise of a protest by some civil society groups  march who  are calling for massive demonstration on April 12th, 2013.

According to reports, the civil society groups are planning a massive demonstration against President Sirleaf and her administration for what they consider her bad governance and pathological corruption and her patent refusal to curb it.

The opposition leadership, George Solo of the Congress for Democratic Change reacting to the former rebel leader’s accusation called for the “citizen arrest” of former rebel leader and turned Senator, Prince Johnson.  accusation, a back and forth that is breeding tension and putting the country on the edge.

Liberians are sensitive to the month of April because they view April as the country’s “bad luck month” as most of its  recent national tragedies occurred in the month of April including April 14th Rice Riot of 1979, the April 12, Military Coupe, 1980,  among others.

The opposition leader call for the “citizen arrest” of the former rebel leader is putting the nation on the edge and Liberians fear  this could reignite a rival tension between the Krahn tribe of the late President Samuel Doe of from which the opposition Chairman, George Solo hails from and the Gio tribe from which the former rebel leader hails and both tribes were locked in tribal rivalry and  Liberia’s  14-year tragedy was heavily attributed to friction between these two tribal cleavages  that fueled the country’s civil war.

The civil society groups are however vowed to staging the massive demonstration on April 12th, creating unsettling atmosphere in the country considering the mayhem that swept the country for fourteen long years.

Chronic corruption, bad governance, plundering and pawning of the country’s resources and nepotism are some but few of the




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  1. Notorious rebel leader PYJ, the innocent children blood is chasing you and you will surely join them soon……shameless!


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