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Nigeria: Herbalist Imposing as Medical Doctor Damages Woman’s Uterus


A Nigerian herbalist posing as a medical doctor was arrested Nigerian police and appeared in court in Nigeria to answer to four-count of criminal offense for allegedly stuffing pepper and some sort of obnoxious material into a woman claiming to be a medicinal remedy to remove fibroid from within her without an operation to treat her barrenness but in turn damaged the 36-year old uterus.

The 42-year old herbalist, Ayenoro Funsho, proprietor of a local Dinah Herbal and Maternity Clinic was paid N17,000.00 (about USD $1000.00) for his  service by his victim after he was introduced to her by a friend who assured her of his professional expertise as medical doctor who could treat her barrenness.

The victim who a child many years ago could not conceive after several years of her marriage and sorted for medical treatment to help her conceive again until a friend recommended the herbalist who poses as a medical doctor.

Returning home in serve pain for many several days after receiving the herbalist’s treatment, the victim was taken to hospital by her husband where she was told her uterus has been damaged by the pepper and obnoxious material stuffed into her.

Appearing before magistrate Mrs. M. O. Tanimola in Lagos pleaded not guilty but remanded in custody because could not afford the N2 million (USD 12,696.00) and two sureties bond. The sureties call for one to be must be a medical doctor and the other a land owner in Logos state.

The clinic has since been shut down, employees said they were astonished by the news and only knew about the incident when police arrived at the clinic to arrest Mr. Funsho.


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