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Liberia: Opposition Leader, George Weah Calls on Partisans to Work for Peace

Goerge Weah

Goerge Weah

MONROVIA-Two days to a purported April 12th demonstration planned by opposition and civic groups, the leader of Liberia’s leading opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change and Peace Ambassador in the Sirleaf government has called on his partisans to work together  for the sake of peace in Liberia.

The Liberia’s peace Ambassador made the call today in Monrovia when partisans took the remains of his late mother from a local funeral home to his residence in Monrovia

The Liberian opposition leader fervent plead to partisans to work together for the sake of ace could stamp a tune of hope and degenerate the tension in the country.

The Liberian government through the Vice President met with leaders of the demonstration in a bid to address their concerns  agreed  the demonstration  be postponed for two months giving the government window of opportunity to look into their concerns. The agreement brokered also calls for a national conference where the protesters concerns and other national issues including nepotism, corruption, and the mismanagement of governance and resource will be dialogued and remedies found to curb them.

But few minutes after the agreement, members of the various groups of the demonstration distanced themselves from their leaders, accusing them of taking  bribes from the government to circumvent the demonstration. They insist  the demonstration will go on as planned and whatever agreement reached between the leaders and the Vice President will not be honored and does not represent them, vowing to go ahead with their April 12 demonstration.

The disagreement between the leaders and members of the demonstration unveils a  division in the planned demonstration and the latest plead by the country’s leading opposition party could further deepen that division and polarize the demonstration to point where it  might not have significant impact as many persons might abandon their decision to join the demonstration.

By Melvin Duo

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