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Liberia: Gov’t Considers Legal Action Against “The New Dispensation” For…..


Attorney General Christiana H Tah

Tips coming from out of the office of the Attorney General of Liberia put ”The New Dispensation”  on notice that the Liberian Government is considering  the option of filing a lawsuit against the online news outlet for its May 28, 2013 publication, with caption, “Fatal Plane Crash: Liberian Government Could be Liable for Death of Guinea Chief of Staff and Entourage”.

It can be recalled that The New Dispensation’s  May 28th publication painted a picture of the condition of Liberia’s international airport (Robert International Airport) and the lack of needed navigational and aviation equipment at the airport. The news outlet publication grew out of the investigation it conducted on the condition and safety of the airport predicated on the crash of the plane carrying the Chief of Staff of Guinea and his entourage en-route to attend the Arm Forces Day celebration of Liberia.

The investigative publication revealed how that West African nation’s airport does not have emergency equipment such as Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), RNAV GPS, Very High Omni directional Radio Range Equipment (VOR), NAV AIDS, and the failure to publish the Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) even though Delta Airlines provided $1 million to the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) after it conducted inspection and found that the NOTAM was not in operation at the airport but intentionally deceive the aviation and flying public that those equipment are available at the airport and in operation.

The tip from the Attorney General’s office but prayed for anonymity, said the government predicament to moving further to filing legal action  against the online news outlet, is the twin arguments it is confronted with, namely, the outlet being outside the jurisdiction of Liberia and the government’s failure to refute the story and prove that those emergency equipment are indeed at the country’s airport and were deplored and in operation during the time of the  plane crash.


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