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Liberia: Vice President Joseph Boakai Addresses Liberian Community in the U S A

The Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai will this Saturday, June 22nd meet with fellow compatriots in the United States in a town hall meeting in the state of Pennsylvania. According to release, Vice President Boakai will meet with Liberians to discuss pertinent issues of national concern affecting their homeland. The meeting is expected to be held at the Christ Lutheran Community Church, Upper Darby on 720 Walnut Street, in Pennsylvania.

The Liberian Vice President will begin his town hall meeting at 3:00 pm, the first of its kind to be held by a high profile Liberian leader since President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government came to power seven years ago.

President Sirleaf nor the Vice President had ever visited Liberian community in the state of Pennsylvania and some Liberians in Pennsylvania say the President and her government had deferred from coming to meet with Liberians in the state of Pennsylvania because they fear the community is most vocal and uncompromising on the mismanagement of their country, plagued by corruption, nepotism, and the culture of impunity and could be confronted with these concerns when they meet with the community.

“Vice President Boakai’s visit to Pennsylvania will could be a test whether President Sirleaf will follow to meet with the community, something I believe the Vice President is sent to soften the waters before President Sirleaf too come to this community, a Liberian said.


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