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The Morning after Morsi’s Ouster, New President Sworn In to Office in Egypt

Morsi Egypt Protests 2013 07 01

The world woke Thursday morning to a new leader of the Egyptian nation when the military installed Adly Mansour, Judge of the Supreme Constitutional Court as interim President of the country who will govern the country until election is held for a new President. No timetable has been given for the new election. The constitution has been suspended.

Egypt democratically elected Mohammed Morsi was removed from office by the military and is supposedly under arrest in at the Republican Guard headquarters.

Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi announced the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi yesterday after he failed to abide by the military’s 48 hours ultimatum to step down.

About 22 million Egyptians took to the for fours day and demanded President Morsi step down but he refused, arguing he was democratically elected and won’t leave office.

A spokesman, Ahmed Aref, for the Muslim Brotherhood party, told the Reuters Morsi and his aide were being held but has no knowledge of where they are held.

The United States has been cautious not to term the military action as a coup because the US laws prohibit the country from giving aid to countries where military coup take place.

Supporters of Morsi say they will protest until the country democratically elected President Morsi re-installed as President of Egypt.

Senior members of Morsi’s government and Muslim Brotherhood Party have been rounded up and arrested.

President Obama say he will review United States 1.3 billion dollars aid it sent annually to Egypt.

The British government has condemned the military’s action but says it will work with the new government in Egypt. Jordan and other Arab countries have extend congratulatory messages to the new Egyptian.


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