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Pakistan: Report Blames Pakistani Intelligence Service Military for Osama Bin Laden 9 Years Undetected Stay in the Country.

A government report completed six months ago leaked  lays the sharply criticizes the Pakistani  Intelligence Service for not detecting the Al Qada leader, Osama Bin Laden  9 years stay in the country. The report criticizes  the Pakistani Intelligence Service of incompetence and negligence for not knowing for nine years that the Al Qada leader was living close to a military training academy.

The report said Bin Laden spent six of his nine years in Pakistan in a military training school before moving to his last place where he was killed by an American raid. The report also says the Pakistani government tried to scramble fighter-jets to shoot down the American fighter planes that went on the  raid. Report from the investigation describes the three-hour operation of the raid was the violation of Pakistan airspace and sovereignty, calling the raid a mission  designed to kill and not to capture and administer justice to the Al Qada leader.

Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for master-minding the bombing of the World trading center by crashing hijacked planes into building , killing over three-thousand Americans and was on the run until his subsequent killing in 2011 by American special forces raid in Pakistan.

The head of the report says it can not rule out the possibility of the new Al Qada Chief who took over from Bin Laden is still living in Pakistan.


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