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Triangular Web of Thievery, Finance Minister and Deputies Feast on Public Coffers


Minister Konneh

An elaborate scheme to defraud the Liberian taxpayers and drain the country of the  needed revenue for personal enrichment at the Ministry of

Finance of Lberia is currently in effect  under the disguise of “Revenue Enhancement” program with  the Deputy Minister for Administration, Jordan Solunteh as mastermind in acquiescence with the Deputy Minister for Revenue, James Kollie and the Finance Minister,   Amara Konneh.

According to information available to this outlet, Deputy Minister Jordan Solunteh on several occasions issued checks worth thousands of dollars in the name of Mr. Nathaniel Mulubah, Adviser  to the Deputy Minister for Revenue, James Kollie whose department under which the program runs  for cashing at the Central Bank of Liberia. The funds from the cashing of the checks are ultimately returned   to Deputy Minister Solunteh  by Mr. Mulubah and the Deputy Minister would receive the funds but won’t issue receipts upon delivery.

Dep. Minister Solunteh

Dep. Minister Solunteh

Mr. Nathaniel Mulubah, “the middleman” who is being used to implement the fraudulent scheme before leaving for the United States  few weeks ago to attend a short term training in the state of North Carolina, United States, was again issued a check by Deputy Minister Solunteh in the tune of US$99,000.00 in Mr. Mulubah’s name under the disguise  of the “Revenue Enhancement” program for cashing at the Central Bank of Liberia. Mr. Mulubah again returned the funds after cashing   to  Deputy Minister Solunteh who  did not issue him receipt  upon delivery and receipt of the funds.

The Central Bank Governor of Liberia, Mr. Mill Jones, according to evidence gathered at each interval of the

cashing of the checks  issued in Mr. Mulubah’s name by Deputy Minister Solunteh  would call Minister Konneh to

authenticate and verify them having suspected  foul but the  Finance Minister would affirm the checks authenticity though from information available, the funds from those checks are not shown in any program or project for the government or ministry.

The purported “Revenue Enhance” program, source at the Finance Ministry disclosed  that the program does not exist in reality and is being

Dep. Minister Kollie

Dep. Minister Kollie

used to defraud the Liberian taxpayers of thousands of dollars which if not aborted will accumulate in millions of dollars and the program if ever existed of some kind in theory or on paper,  would fall  under the revenue  department and Deputy Minister Solunteh could not  run  it because the requisite purview is Deputy Minister Kollie and yet Deputy Minister Kollie allows and permits Deputy Minister Solunteh to issue checks in the name of his immediate staff who cashed them and returned  the funds to Deputy Minister Solunteh. Minister Solunteh would receive the funds without issuing a receipt after delivery and without accountability for a program that falls within the revenue department.

This scandal is the second of its kind in which Minister Konneh is being implicated. It can be recalled few weeks ago the Finance Minister was caught in a US$13 million fraud, funds allotted for the health system by the European Union, specifically for child mortality and mobility but the funds went missing into thin air. Minister Konneh insist he  disbursed  the funds to the  country’s Health Ministry and some governmental health institutions including the  biggest hospital in the country,  John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital but those  institutions insist they did not received any funds from the Minister.


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  1. Oh God! So where do we turn for honesty? If this is true then indeed, “never judge a man by his looks.” Well, Oldma, there we go again. Please investigate and take proper actions!


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